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Axial Racing SMT10 Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck RTR

What?! Is it too early to say we love it? I mean we’re suckers for monster trucks and we’re suckers for scale, so this truck had us at hello. We’re willing to bet you are there too. The SMT stands for Scale Monster Truck and the 10 means 1/10 scale. We love it. We already […]

Axial SCX10 II Kit

The SCX10 has enjoyed a long run as the most popular scaler. And, for most of its life, it has been only child in the scaler world. When someone bought a scaler, they bought a SCX10. Eventually, competition (both internal and external) came to be, but overall it’s fairly safe to guess Axial has sold as […]

New STRC Option Parts – Axial RR10 Bomber – Yeti & Wraith

If you own a Axial Wraith, Yeti or Bomber and you want to add some durability to your rig and still look good, check out these new parts from STRC bellow. STA31156B CNC Machined Aluminum Motor Mount/Motor Cam combo. – Axial RR10 Bomber – Axial Yeti   STA80073B CNC Machined Aluminum Steering Linkage. – Axial […]

Vintage Tamiya Blackfoot Returns for 2016 Re-release

The Blackfoot is an ionic nameplate in Tamiya history. Right up there with the Bruiser and others like the Midnight Pumpkin and Lunchbox. They all come from the same generation. This was the start for many kids and adults in the 80’s. Owning one of these in a collection today meant you were able to […]

Pro-Line Racing Brawler Clod Buster Style Wheels Review

As a kid, I loved monster trucks. What little boy didn’t? When it came to the RC hobby and the desire to relive the monster truck experience at home, the only option around was the Tamiya Clod Buster. Other trucks followed soon after like the Tamiya Bull Head, Kyosho USA-1, Tamiya Juggernaut and TXT-1, but slowly […]

The Hobby Hangout

While I’m lucky to have a backyard that’s ideal for rock crawling and, in the past, I have lived in towns with either RC clubs or hobby shops, for the most part, I currently travel to do RC–especially competitive RC. Sometimes I travel pretty far. For local racing, I’ll go 45 minutes to Waterbury, CT for […]

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  • STRC Axial Wraith Monster Truck Izilla Chassis Review

    STRC Axial Wraith Monster Truck Izilla Chassis Review

    If you like monster trucks there are plenty of choices in RC, but if you’re a true fan of the real car crushers and want realism in your RC, which means ditching independent suspension for solid axles, your options are a lot more limited. To make matters worse, the mainstay–the Tamiya Clod Buster–is getting, well, […]

  • STRC CNC Aluminum 5.5mm/7.0mm Nut Drivers & 17mm Wrench

    STRC CNC Aluminum 5.5mm/7.0mm Nut Drivers & 17mm Wrench

    If you have been around any RC toolbox for a while, and wrenched on some rigs, you know a thing or two about having the right tools. This is essential with building and repairing any job or task successfully. Bottom line, the wrong tools can get you frustrated and cause damage to the components your […]

  • STRC CNC Machined Aluminum Lift Kit for Axial SCX10 – Review

    STRC CNC Machined Aluminum Lift Kit for Axial SCX10 – Review

    You may have noticed that the scale segment is getting bigger and bigger. It just continues to grow. And, you may have also noticed that scale has transcended from rock crawlers and trail trucks to other segments. We’ve seen crazily detailed RC vehicles of all sorts. On the truck side of scale, people are making more […]

  • Pro-Line Racing Brawler Clod Buster Wheels

    Pro-Line Racing Brawler Clod Buster Wheels

    You’ve heard of the economics theory of supply and demand. It’s easy to see how it works, but sometimes there are baffling instances of no supply despite a clear demand. Such is the case with Clod Buster wheel choices. Over the years, there just haven’t been that many affordable wheel choices for Clod or solid […]

  • HPI Venture FJ Scale Rock Rocker

    HPI Venture FJ Scale Rock Rocker

    Looks like there’s going to be a new crawler at the party. HPI Racing has posted a video of an upcoming release called the Venture FJ. There hasn’t been an official press release yet, so all that we know (or anyone knows) is what we can see on the video and what HPI has told […]

  • STRC Axial Wraith Monster Truck Izilla Chassis Conversion

    STRC Axial Wraith Monster Truck Izilla Chassis Conversion

    STRC has clearly been watching the scale monster truck scene explode and become bigger than it’s been in a long time. I’m not talking about the 80’s classics here; the new breed of monster trucks that are being built today are a mixed bunch of custom builds, and one of the top brands people are […]

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