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Tamiya Grand Hauler

If you don’t like Tamiya 1/14-scale tractor trucks, we probably can’t be friends. I absolutely dig these things, so I was thrilled to see Tamiya once again expand its lineup with the addition of the new Grand Hauler. This sleeper style body is my favorite of Tamiya’s offerings, so I’m especially happy with what I […]

RC4WD Cutter Scale Driver Figure Review

Scale details are like tattoos and Pringles–odds are one ain’t going to cut it. And, one of the most must-have scale accessories is a driver figure. Makes sense because an empty driver’s seat in a moving vehicle isn’t exactly realistic. Well, just get a driver, right? Not so fast. Most scale drivers are sourced from the […]

Pro-Line Racing 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Body Review

The Chevrolet Silverado is a popular full-size pickup truck manufactured by General Motors. It was introduced in 1998 as the successor to the Chevrolet C/K line. In the RC hobby, where a lot of people like to build miniature versions of what they own as a full-size truck, or wish they owned, we have had […]

Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 2.2 Tire Review

Pro-line has been making RC tires for a long time, so it’s no surprise you already know the name. You may also already know about their cool lineup of Super Swamper tires modeled after the popular real off-road tires. In this review we’re taking a look at the new Super Swamper XL 2.2” tires. As […]

Axial Speaks on What is Waterproof

At RC Truck Stop we’re in the content creation business. That said everyone once in a while we share some cool content from our, well, competitors (and friends) such as RC Soup or RC Insider. Seems odd, but we don’t have our head stuck in the sand pretending we’re the only RC website out there. […]

The Best RC Commercial Isn’t Trying To Sell RC

We all know the Leatherman name that made multi-tools famous. Well, they have a new product called the Leap, which is a multi-tool geared towards a younger 9-years-old and up demographic. That’s all well and good and I like the idea, but what really got my attention was the commercial they are running to promote […]

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  • Helios RC LED Light Bar V2 Review

    Helios RC LED Light Bar V2 Review

    Want to double your RC scale fun? Of course you do. Get some lights and keep running when the sun goes down. Not only do lights allow you do run at night, which is a whole lot of fun, but let’s be honest, they look cool. There are lots of vehicle LED lighting options out […]

  • In Search of . . . Yeti XL? What Does #YetiXL mean?

    In Search of . . . Yeti XL? What Does #YetiXL mean?

    Forget the Sasquatch, Bigfoot and the Yeti, now the search is for #YetiXL! Axial Racing put out this cryptic message of #YetiXL with a few photos. So, what do you think it is? “XL” is pretty standard abbreviation for extra large, so one obvious possibility is an oversized or large-scale Yeti. Could Axial have developed […]

  • Axial Yeti Drivetrain Upgrades

    Axial Yeti Drivetrain Upgrades

    That didn’t take long. Axial already has some hop ups for its still-new Yeti. The first offerings are all for the drivetrain, which is a pretty awesome place to start on a vehicle that takes a serious beating. The first part is a set of universal front axles. Universal axles, compared to dog bone axles, provide smoother, […]

  • Axial Yeti Pre-run Checklist

    Axial Yeti Pre-run Checklist

    As one of the more unique releases of 2014, the Axial Yeti rock racer has garnered a whole lot interest. Enthusiasts have been clamoring for this vehicle since it was first announced. Now the much-anticipated Yeti is starting get in those eager hands and to support its customers and preemptively answer some possible questions, Axial […]

  • STRC Steel Universal Kit for Axial Wraith Installation and Review

    STRC Steel Universal Kit for Axial Wraith Installation and Review

    The guys at ST Racing Concepts have clearly kept a close eye on the Axial brand when it comes to affordable upgrades and they now have some new steel universal axle shafts for Axial’s AR60 axles. I consider universal axle shafts a must-have upgrade, so I was eager to grab some some of the first […]

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