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The Hobby Hangout

While I’m lucky to have a backyard that’s ideal for rock crawling and, in the past, I have lived in towns with either RC clubs or hobby shops, for the most part, I currently travel to do RC–especially competitive RC. Sometimes I travel pretty far. For local racing, I’ll go 45 minutes to Waterbury, CT for […]

ST Racing Concepts Axial Wraith Monster Truck Izilla Chassis Review

If you like monster trucks there are plenty of choices in RC, but if you’re a true fan of the real car crushers and want realism in your RC, which means ditching independent suspension for solid axles, your options are a lot more limited. To make matters worse, the mainstay–the Tamiya Clod Buster–is getting, well, […]

Pro-Line Racing – Super-Bright LED Light Bars

These new light bars from Pro-line racing feature Super-Bright WHITE LED’s captured in a durable Nylon type housing. They come in 3 different sizes. 6″ curved along with 4″ & 2″ straight. Designed to run off 2S or 3S Lipo Power. They can also plug directly into the radio’s receiver port, making this upgrade easy […]

STRC CNC Aluminum 5.5mm/7.0mm Nut Drivers & 17mm Wrench

If you have been around any RC toolbox for a while, and wrenched on some rigs, you know a thing or two about having the right tools. This is essential with building and repairing any job or task successfully. Bottom line, the wrong tools can get you frustrated and cause damage to the components your […]

RubiComp 2.2 Beadlock Wheels – Gear Head RC

Gear Head RC has expanded its 2.2 wheel line yet again with the new stylish RubiComp 2.2 Beadlock Wheel. Made from CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum. The wheels which are nicely complemented with black anodized aluminum beadlock rings and silver hardware. These new wheels add style and attitude with great scale authenticity to any 2.2 rock […]

STRC CNC Machined Aluminum Lift Kit for Axial SCX10 – Review

You may have noticed that the scale segment is getting bigger and bigger. It just continues to grow. And, you may have also noticed that scale has transcended from rock crawlers and trail trucks to other segments. We’ve seen crazily detailed RC vehicles of all sorts. On the truck side of scale, people are making more […]

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  • HPI Venture FJ Scale Rock Rocker

    HPI Venture FJ Scale Rock Rocker

    Looks like there’s going to be a new crawler at the party. HPI Racing has posted a video of an upcoming release called the Venture FJ. There hasn’t been an official press release yet, so all that we know (or anyone knows) is what we can see on the video and what HPI has told […]

  • DROMIDA MT4.18 RTR Long-Term Test

    DROMIDA MT4.18 RTR Long-Term Test

    If you ask most people who have 1/10-scale or larger RC vehicles how they feel about mini 1/18-scale vehicles and they might be wondering what’s the point? I admit that I was one of those individuals–until recently. I’ve never really been a fan of driving anything smaller than 1/10 scale, but once I got my hands on the […]

  • Pro-Line Roll-Up Pit Mat Review

    Pro-Line Roll-Up Pit Mat Review

    Whether you wrench on your RC at home and don’t want to ruin your kitchen table or at track and want to stay organized, Pro-Line has a new roll-up style pit mat that you might find to be a perfect addition to your tool collection. FEATURES The blue mat is adorned with some Pro-Line logos […]

  • Tamiya Monster Beetle Re-release

    Tamiya Monster Beetle Re-release

      This is going to thrill the old school crowd. The Monster Beetle was a huge hit for Tamiya in the golden age of RC during the 1980’s. It was part of the Frog and Blackfoot family, and like many of Tamiya’s models from that time period, the Monster Beetle was practically a household name. […]

  • Axial Racing NuKizer 715

    Axial Racing NuKizer 715

    Auto enthusiasts know and love concept cars. And, it could be argued that when it comes to concept cars, lately, no one has been consistently doing it better than Jeep. A great example of this is the NuKizer 715, which is all about being big, bold and retro, whereas most concept cars lean towards being […]

  • Integy Realistic Scale Scissor Jack

    Integy Realistic Scale Scissor Jack

    What they call it may be a little redundant with “realistic” and “scale” in the name and it might be a bit pricy at $46, but there is no denying this is cool. Plus as far as the cost goes, the jacks are sold as a pair, so you could split the cost with a […]

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