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New Pro-line 1946 Dodge Power Wagon – Clear Body

If you are like most folks in the scale RC scene, you would like to see something other than a box Chevy or Toyota body. Well,  now is your chance to mix things up with the classic 1946 Dodge Power Wagon Clear Body from Pro-line Racing. This First Generation Power Wagon body style comes in […]

Pro-line Racing Interco Bogger 1.9″ Tire Review

FEATURES: Pro-line has had some great success in recent times when it comes to scaling down some big name off road tire manufactures like Interco® The new 1.9″ Bogger tires are a great example. The Bogger tire delivers some great features such as a directional tread pattern with the patented Interco TSL “three stage lug” […]

NEW – Futaba CPS-1 Channel Power Switch

LED lights have always added an exciting scale realism to any RC vehicle. The CPS-1 Channel Power Switch from Futaba  takes the excitement to another level by letting you turn them on and off from your transmitter. Sounds pretty sweet right? Simply plug it into a vacant receiver channel and assign it to a switch. […]

Pro-Line Hyrax 2.2″ G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires

There’s an old axiom that states tires are the most important part of setup. Whether you race or rock crawl, this statement is profoundly true, and it’s just as true if your rig is tasked to do both–as in rock racing. To fill the unique demands of rock racing, Pro-Line has a new tire, just […]

Pro-Line Racing Ambush RTR Scale Crawler (1/25 scale) Review

Pro-Line racing has, and is still best known for being the leading and largest tire manufacturer in the RC industry . They have provided winning products for years. In recent times, they have branched out beyond the tire and body market and brought us some great performing vehicles that have been based on existing platforms. This […]

STRC Option Parts for Axial SCX10 II

Looking for some reinforcement and great looking affordable upgrades for the SXC10II? Well, then you need to check out what STRC has for the new SCX10 II. STRC is always striving and further improving the durability and performance of your rig. Check out these latest parts made from high quality CNC Machined Aluminum. The new […]

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  • Axial SCX10 II Kit

    Axial SCX10 II Kit

    The SCX10 has enjoyed a long run as the most popular scaler. And, for most of its life, it has been only child in the scaler world. When someone bought a scaler, they bought a SCX10. Eventually, competition (both internal and external) came to be, but overall it’s fairly safe to guess Axial has sold as […]

  • Pro-Line Racing Brawler Clod Buster Style Wheels Review

    Pro-Line Racing Brawler Clod Buster Style Wheels Review

    As a kid, I loved monster trucks. What little boy didn’t? When it came to the RC hobby and the desire to relive the monster truck experience at home, the only option around was the Tamiya Clod Buster. Other trucks followed soon after like the Tamiya Bull Head, Kyosho USA-1, Tamiya Juggernaut and TXT-1, but slowly […]

  • STRC Axial Wraith Monster Truck Izilla Chassis Review

    STRC Axial Wraith Monster Truck Izilla Chassis Review

    If you like monster trucks there are plenty of choices in RC, but if you’re a true fan of the real car crushers and want realism in your RC, which means ditching independent suspension for solid axles, your options are a lot more limited. To make matters worse, the mainstay–the Tamiya Clod Buster–is getting, well, […]

  • Pro-Line Racing – Super-Bright LED Light Bars

    Pro-Line Racing – Super-Bright LED Light Bars

    These new light bars from Pro-line racing feature Super-Bright WHITE LED’s captured in a durable Nylon type housing. They come in 3 different sizes. 6″ curved along with 4″ & 2″ straight. Designed to run off 2S or 3S Lipo Power. They can also plug directly into the radio’s receiver port, making this upgrade easy […]

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