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DROMIDA MT4.18 RTR Long-Term Test

If you ask most people who have 1/10-scale or larger RC vehicles how they feel about mini 1/18-scale vehicles and they might be wondering what’s the point? I admit that I was one of those individuals–until recently. I’ve never really been a fan of driving anything smaller than 1/10 scale, but once I got my hands on the […]

Tamiya Monster Beetle Re-release

  This is going to thrill the old school crowd. The Monster Beetle was a huge hit for Tamiya in the golden age of RC during the 1980’s. It was part of the Frog and Blackfoot family, and like many of Tamiya’s models from that time period, the Monster Beetle was practically a household name. […]

Axial Racing NuKizer 715

Auto enthusiasts know and love concept cars. And, it could be argued that when it comes to concept cars, lately, no one has been consistently doing it better than Jeep. A great example of this is the NuKizer 715, which is all about being big, bold and retro, whereas most concept cars lean towards being […]

Pro-line Racing Destroyer 2.6″ Monster Truck Tire Review

When it comes to performance, nothing is as critical as tires. We tend to harp on this subject because it’s true and too important to risk being under appreciated. Take, for example, the 2015 No Limit R/C World Finals. Lack of traction. That was how the track was being described. Event goers weren’t talking to […]

Axial SCX10 Wheel Wells

If you have an Axial SCX10, you probably want it to look as realistic as possible. A surefire way to up the realism is with wheel wells. Even better, the wheels and included floor board pieces will significantly cut down on the mud and dirt getting tossed up into the chassis. The set comes as […]

Traxxas Skully and Craniac 2WD Monster Trucks

Traxxas has made some big changes to its 2WD monster truck lineup. Gone are the Monster Jam series of trucks and in their place are two new trucks dubbed Skully and Craniac. If you’re down with the rather famous Stampede platform and the previously mentioned Monster Jam trucks, these trucks will be familiar to you. […]

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  • Pro-Line Racing Flat Iron 1.9 XL Tires

    Pro-Line Racing Flat Iron 1.9 XL Tires

    Pro-Line is at it again . . . and we couldn’t be happier. These new Flat Iron XL tires are, as the name describes, extra large compared to the original Flat Iron tires. The XLs measure 4.76″ tall by 1.83″ wide. For reference, the original is 4.13″ tall and 1.81″ wide, which means the new […]

  • Axial Spawn Body

    Axial Spawn Body

    First seen on the RTR Wraith Spawn, Axial describes the Spawn body as a blend of classic feel and modern styling that gets influence from late-70s and early-80s designs. It is molded from clear 0.040″ clear Lexan and includes decals and window masks. It will fit the SCX10, Wraith and AX10. Shown on the Wraith, […]

  • STRC Machined Aluminum Center Driveshaft Splines for Axial SCX10 and Yeti

    STRC Machined Aluminum Center Driveshaft Splines for Axial SCX10 and Yeti

    If you want to strengthen the drivetrain and put more power through on your Axial Yeti or SCX10, check out these new spline shafts from STRC.  These pieces are made of CNC-machined aluminum; they are a direct fit to the center drive shaft. This upgrade will help improve power transfer and eliminate some the flex […]

  • Tamiya Grand Hauler

    Tamiya Grand Hauler

    If you don’t like Tamiya 1/14-scale tractor trucks, we probably can’t be friends. I absolutely dig these things, so I was thrilled to see Tamiya once again expand its lineup with the addition of the new Grand Hauler. This sleeper style body is my favorite of Tamiya’s offerings, so I’m especially happy with what I […]

  • Integy 8 Spoke AQ Style 1.9 Alloy Beadlock Wheels & All Terrain Tires Type IV Review

    Integy 8 Spoke AQ Style 1.9 Alloy Beadlock Wheels & All Terrain Tires Type IV Review

    When it comes to wheels and tires for any RC, the choices you have are almost endless. Even when you break it down to the size by category that came stock with any RC vehicle, you can still find yourself overwhelmed. I’ve always believed that no matter how good or bad a RC body looks, […]

  • RC4WD Cutter Scale Driver Figure Review

    RC4WD Cutter Scale Driver Figure Review

    Scale details are like tattoos and Pringles–odds are one ain’t going to cut it. And, one of the most must-have scale accessories is a driver figure. Makes sense because an empty driver’s seat in a moving vehicle isn’t exactly realistic. Well, just get a driver, right? Not so fast. Most scale drivers are sourced from the […]

  • Pro-Line Racing 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Body Review

    Pro-Line Racing 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Body Review

    The Chevrolet Silverado is a popular full-size pickup truck manufactured by General Motors. It was introduced in 1998 as the successor to the Chevrolet C/K line. In the RC hobby, where a lot of people like to build miniature versions of what they own as a full-size truck, or wish they owned, we have had […]

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