AJS Machine Off-road Trailer Review

AJS Machine made a name for itself in RC during the Traxxas T-Maxx and then Revo craze with its heavy-duty machined aluminum stands. Fast forward a few years and it looks like AJS Machine has been bitten by the crawling and scale bug. One of its more interesting and hard to miss products for this segment is its all-aluminum Off-road Trailer. AJS Machine also offers a hitch and mount for the popular Axial SCX10 scale chassis.

Made out of machined-but-essentially-flat slabs of 6061 aluminum, the trailer is as simple as it gets. The machine quality is great and the finished product looks scale. On what could be considered the base model, you must supple your own hitch connection, axles, bearings, hexes, tires and wheels. At an additional cost, AJS Machine will include the needed components, but many crawlers will have most of these parts on hand. Instead of using the expected solid axle on the trailer with leaf springs, the Off-road Trailer uses drop-down sections that hold Axial front outer axles. There’s no suspension and you give up some scale realism, but gain an impressive amount of ground clearance under the trailer.

The trailer is noticeably heavy, but it seems that mass is a real advantage as it keeps the trailer stable as it gets pulled over rough terrain. The overall look is scale and the proportions are great. It isn’t loaded with scale details. It’s fairly expensive at $150. The final call is the Off-road Trailer is fairly expensive, but worth the money since the overall quality is good and the product is certainly heavy-duty.

A ball link is used to attach to a hitch.


The drop down holds the bearings and axles.

Unscrewing two cap-head screws releases the rear fold-down gate.

A few scale accessories dress up the AJS Machine Off-road Trailer.

AJS Machine customer's rig in action.


AJS Machine

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  1. Brandon says:

    This is an awesome-looking product!

  2. PaulyD says:

    That looks cool but heavy

  3. phil says:

    F***in’ awesome

  4. bulent says:

    is it mybe possibel to order only 1 part from this trailer

    i need the axel carrier housing the part whit those 4 holes at the bottem

    thank you

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