Tamiya TXT-2 Agrios

Solid axle monster truck fans are smiling from ear to ear. The new Tamiya TXT-2 Agrios features an all-new hybrid chassis. We’re calling it a hybrid because it uses semi hidden aluminum tubes (two on each side) that are incorporated in a molded composite plastic tube frame. The end result is a realistic model of a real monster truck chassis and should be extremely strong.

The suspension features two shocks per wheel and a 4-link suspension setup.

Like the TXT-1, the new TXT-2 is shaft driven and features a centrally mounted transmission.

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Matt has over 25 years of experience in RC and has worked professionally in media for over a decade. Matt enjoys everything from racing to rock crawling to bashing, and he believes RC should be all about having fun. Matt is as at home covering a world championship in an exotic country as he is showing a new hobbyist how to set gear mesh. His desire to share the hobby with as many people as possible inspired him to create RC Truck Stop and RCTruckStop.com.

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  1. Kingclod27 says:

    Aside from the wheels and tires, I like the truck alot. I never got to own a TXT-1 so if they are gonna make this and have spare parts I will definitely buy it..It looks like it was supposed to be Bigfoot 18 lol…Still hoping for an all new design from Tamiya or Axial..

    • Matt Higgins Matt Higgins says:

      I don’t think anyone is liking the wheels and tires, but those are easy to replace and may prompt an aftermarket company or Tamiya to come out with replacements. It would be cool to have Pro-Line release some Clod Buster sized performance tires and wheels.

  2. Darryl Martin Barnes says:

    I was read all the threads and posts on rcmt,clod talk and face book “SOLID AXLE SHAFT MONSTER TRUCK’S”. They still have the transmission as stock,running on brushed not brushless. The drive shaft are stock as-well. Also the axle differential’s were made of a cheap metal too. This was added to the petition on the weak points,and that they need to update this truck to today’s brushless power systems and LiPo battery technology. Most of all the R/C hobby enthusiasts has used the Traxxas E-Maxx transmission as mod for this truck, and this would be a fantastic update.

  3. Zach says:

    I really feel (from the pictures) that Tamiya did not do a good job. I am let down, why Tamiya didn’t look at websites like rcmt or rccrawler is beyond me.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my original, the stock chassis allowed for extensive modifications, where this one the user will most likely have to make their own chassis plates to change up the truck. What about those wheels and tires? Is this going to be sold by RadioShack? That addresses the changes Tamiya made that are failures.

    Let’s address the areas they ignored. Modern transmission! One speed or two speed but we deserved a slipper clutch and somdthing more compact, come on Tamiya! How about a better servo / bumper set up like most hardcore TXT-1 fans modified on their trucks. How about setup for a single brush less and LiPo batteries to get all the weight down low in the chassis. That center of gravity is atrocious! How about some real driveshafts? I broke my stock TXT driveshafts on the first run. What about better links, and rod ends? How about Allen screws? Ball bearings? Aluminum shocks (only 4!)?

    I must be jaded or spoiled but for the cost you can buy much better trucks from Axial, Losi, Traxxas, RC4WD, Gmade, even Kyosho and the bargain brands like Redcat and stuff.

    Dear Tamiya, please go back to the drawing board.


  4. Kingclod27 says:

    I honestly didnt expect a brand new desing from Tamiya..they are more about scale kits and they have always marched to their own drum so I dont know why we expected anything different…I personally like the truck, especially if spare TXT parts will be made available. If we want a modern brushless ready MT we are gonna have to look elsewhere, like Axial….No one else is making us a solid axle MT, We are making our own using products from many manufactures. So with no real competition Tamiya brought out this….not really wat we wanted but its something..Im just happy Tamiya didnt pull out of the Solid axle market completely….

  5. tyrone says:

    i have the txt-1 and like it better than that one

  6. Mike says:

    Wow, didn’t know Tamiya was coming out with a TXT-2 and I have to say those wheels and tires are far from realistic for a MT and therefore disappointing considering Tamiya prides themselves on realistic kits. I have a TXT-1 and like it better since it sticks to a more realistic and classic MT look.

    • Matt Higgins Matt Higgins says:

      While the TXT-2 is being, overall, very well received, the tires and wheels are getting mixed reviews at best. While I would probably swap out the cosmetic stuff, I am pretty thrilled to see this truck.

  7. Mike says:

    I definitely like the body and optional reservoir damper (because of the modern, scale appearance) which I could see myself adding to my TXT-1. I’ve been through quite a few forums and many enthusiasts are complaining about the wheel/tire combo, the “downgraded” chassis (not sure that’s true), the ugly livery/name, the lack of an upgraded, brushless-capable/friendly transmission not to mention the anticipated high price. Do you think people are being overly critical or are these legitimate complaints?

    • Matt Higgins Matt Higgins says:

      People often share opinions as facts, and it’s even worse when those opinions are based on total assumptions. But, that’s the Internet. No one has seen the production version of this truck, so everything thus far has been based on a single show sample and no one knows how close that is to the full production version. So, basically, yes, I believe people are being a little overly critical at this point.

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