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It’s 2014 and Pro-Line Racing and RC Truck Stop want you to have a great year and get it off to an awesome start. Pro-Line Racing has generously offered up this great prize for us to give away–hopefully to YOU! This contest will have you and your RC car looking great, and it’s free to enter! The latest Pro-Line giveaway includes:

1966 Ford F-100 Clear Body

Trencher X SC 2.2″/3.0″ M2 (Medium) Tires Mounted (four pre-mounted tires total)

Performance Off-Road Crawler/Desert Truck Light Bar Kit

2013 Pro-Line Icon Black FlexFit Hat (L-XL)

Pro-Line Echo Black T-Shirt (XL)

Pro-Line Team Decal (four sets)

Entering is easy. There are four ways to enter, and you can enter all four ways to increase your odds, but you can use each method only once–for a total of four entries. A winner will be selected at random Sunday January 19, 2014 at 11:59 PM. The winner will be announced Monday January 20, 2014. The most your name can be entered in the random drawing is four times! Please note that the truck shown in the photos above is for illustration purposes only. The body comes clear and does not include the accessories shown.

Option 1
Comment here on this article. See below and enter by leaving a comment. Be sure to leave a valid email address or there will be no way to contact you if you win!

Option 2
Leave a Comment on the Facebook Post for this contest. The Post for the contest will be Pinned to the top of the RC Truck Stop Facebook Page for easy access. See the link below to quickly access RC Truck Stop’s Facebook Page.

Option 3
To enter a third time, hit Share on the above mentioned Facebook Post. Mare sure the Share post is set to Public for your entry to count.

Option 4
Hitting Like on the contest Facebook Post will be the fourth and final way to enter.

RC Truck Stop Facebook Page
Pro-Line Racing

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Matt Higgins About the Author: Matt has over 25 years of experience in RC and has worked professionally in media for over a decade. Matt enjoys everything from racing to rock crawling to bashing, and he believes RC should be all about having fun. Matt is as at home covering a world championship in an exotic country as he is showing a new hobbyist how to set gear mesh. His desire to share the hobby with as many people as possible inspired him to create RC Truck Stop and

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  1. John Payer says:

    Thank you RC Truck Stop and Pro-Line for the opportunity to win!

  2. Dave short says:

    This would look sweet on one of my rigs did i mention i never win so it’s up to you guys to change that lol

  3. RANDY CHUNN says:

    It won’t take me long to enter to win these awesome prizes.

  4. Brian d. says:

    What a great scale kit

  5. Thomas G says:

    Great timing! I need a new body.

  6. Scott Puma says:

    Looking forward to reading all your reviews and technical articles coming in 2014! Keep up the great work guys!!

  7. mike gibbling says:

    This truck would look great ripping up my yard

  8. Erik Guldnorg says:

    Great i hope i win

  9. JatoTheRipper says:

    That body is awesome. I’d also love the light bar. Thank you for the chance!

  10. Steger Webb says:

    I have never won any RC anything.

  11. Sean says:

    I have a hand me down and would love to start fresh! This is awesome!

  12. Kevin Martin says:

    Awesome Giveaway. The hardest part would be deciding if I should fit the body for one of my ProMods or put it on my sct!

  13. Brian Brickey says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve painted a body.

  14. jon johnson says:

    Thanks ProLine for the awesome giveaways. You guys are great.

  15. Ray Wallace says:

    A Ford! Entering this is a must. Great reviews keep them coming.

  16. Hillis Boothman says:

    I love this body style.

  17. Dylan Giere says:

    That is a very nice looking body! Excited!!

  18. shawn sprague says:

    Awesome giveaway

  19. rob lavalley says:

    This would be so cool to bring to the track and trip people out with. 🙂

  20. mike wilson says:

    just got this body, but would like another to use for my stampede 🙂

  21. I’ve always wanted that body for my slash. I love how it’s sits on the chassis

  22. robert estep says:

    Cant wait to see the winner

  23. Thomas Ferreira says:

    I would love to win this truck and other items.

  24. Jeremy says:

    Winning helps lowering costs of favorite pass times….

  25. Eric Bobber says:

    Going to enter all four ways!! This is awesome!

  26. Philip Husband says:

    I’d love these tires for my slash 4×4 and have liked the body since released

  27. Richard Haskill says:

    Thank you for the chance.

  28. Daren says:

    Would love to win that body, its pretty sick!!!!

  29. Jeff Podina says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  30. Beto López says:

    Awesome kit, it’s good to see a page that supports this hobbie.

  31. David loughton says:

    i would love to win this

  32. Raymond Guttmann says:

    my sc10 needs a new body

  33. Jack Dyer says:

    That is a really good looking body

  34. Garth Gangaway says:

    I always wanted to get a older looking body to race with. This one looks awesome!

  35. Scott S. says:

    Awesome prizes!! Best of luck to everyone!!

  36. Eric Norris says:

    This body looks awesome. Would look great on my SCT!!!

  37. Paul Ferrara says:

    I would be happy to have any of these items. I love your web site!

  38. Mitchell Havrilla says:

    Very cool, would kove those tires for my truck!

  39. Jason Tice says:

    This is a great prize package. Fingers crossed. This would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  40. David Brock says:

    Great looking truck! LOL, I could use 1

  41. Troy says:

    This would make a great start to a new project!

  42. Josh says:

    Thanks for a chance to win guys

  43. patrick heilig says:

    Need it!

  44. Devin Doremus says:

    Very cool. Thanks for you work promoting the rc community.

  45. Marius Haugen says:

    Awesome looking body from Pro-Line 🙂

  46. Jason Ballard says:

    sweet package!

  47. Wendy Powell says:

    My son makes me enter these sweepstakes. I would like to win,so I can tell him I am keeping it and going to RC track with him and watch him roll his eyes!!

  48. Rob Marcantonio says:

    Hope I win!

  49. Bhaas says:

    I could really use some of this stuff!

  50. Jake Bloodworth says:

    i love these bodies!!! thank you rc truck stop for the giveaway oppurtunity

  51. Doug Urban says:

    Thanks RC Truck Stop and Proline! This is a wonderful opportunity.

  52. David Green says:

    This would be sweet for my new Scx10 build

  53. Kirk Escott says:

    What a sweet set of goodies to give my truck a make over, will look even better once it’s dirty. Another example of why this site and proline kick a$$

  54. Bill Roberts says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  55. David says:

    Thanks for the Opportunity.

  56. Nick Iacovou says:

    Just remembered…..didn’t get my Slash a gift for Christmas! Better late than never. 🙂

  57. shawn sprague says:

    Awesome contest

  58. Rusty Heath says:

    This would look awesome on my Slash.

  59. Keith jaques says:

    I need a new body

  60. Michael Aguirre says:

    Awesome contest

  61. Paul says:

    Sick looking body, and great contest!

  62. Rod says:

    I use Pro-line bodies and tires.

  63. steve says:

    Tries to win the twelve day giveaway too. Hopefully I have better luck this time

  64. Jerry Matoon says:

    This is a great way to start out the new year, Big Thanks to Pro-Line and RC Truck Stop!!

  65. Andy Hebden says:

    Awesome shells and parts, I’m currently running a flotek on my Slash 4×4, I was going to buy the F100 as I think it looks ace!!

  66. MIchael Branch says:

    A very nice contest to kick of the year.

  67. Mike Beaver says:

    Proline at it again with awesome giveaways. Thanks ProLine Racing. MB

  68. tom adams says:

    Honestly could really do with this. Just got an sc10 4×4 kit for xmas. So would make the perfect project while saving for a brushless motor and esc. Plus it’s an excuse to hide in the mancave.

  69. james says:

    not to keen on fords < but still love the truck!

  70. Brett Spigner says:

    Proline FTW!

  71. Andy Horstman says:

    I hope I will win! I use Pro-Line bodies and tires. Big Thanks to Pro-Line and RC Truck Stop.

  72. Trent lair says:

    Sweet body hope I win

  73. sam snyder says:

    I got my truck for Christmas. It has a stock body and everybody I race with has customized a new one. This would be a great way to join that club too 🙂

  74. Aurelio De Martini says:

    This could be my first win in 2014! Thanks ProLine and Thanks RC Truck Stop:))

  75. Robert Jones says:

    Thank you RC Truck Stop and Pro-Line for the opportunity to win!

  76. Jeff Garcia says:

    That’s an awesome body! Cool giveaway.

  77. josh lightfoot says:

    Would live to have this…thought it was awsome since the first day it came out.

  78. Kyle A. says:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway, looks like some nice items!

  79. Sam F says:

    If I win Im donating this…Thanks for the chance proline

  80. carlos ramirez says:

    Thank so much for the chance to.participate rc truck stop

  81. Eben says:

    Great looking truck. Would make my RC collection complete with this truck.

  82. Eben says:

    This is one great looking truck. Would complete my RC collections with this model.

  83. Richard says:

    A new body to start the year? Sure!

  84. Sean Fredericks says:

    Would be awesome to win. Thanks for the contest.

  85. scott says:

    Good luck to me!!

  86. Bergen says:

    this is me leaving a comment to enter the contest…

  87. Jesse M. says:

    Thanks for the contest! That body looks good!

  88. Troy Fisher says:

    sweet looking shell, would like to try it on my sct22.

  89. youngmin says:

    저는 지금까지 jconcept바디만 써 봤습니다.
    귀사의 바디는 어떤지 매우 궁금하군요.

  90. Mike says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. Charles morris says:

    That’s a sweet body could use one on my truck

  92. Ben Buckles says:

    cool stuff

  93. Gerard says:

    Just received that body in the post for my Slash, will check out those tyres now 🙂

  94. Randy says:

    Good looking body and tires.

  95. Matthew R. says:

    Awesome contest! Thanks RC Truck Stop and Pro Line!

  96. Joe says:

    I need a new slash body

  97. Jason says:

    That would be a awesome prize to win!

  98. Jim says:

    Like the sounds of winning

  99. Ed Poulin says:

    Love proline products, and loving a chance to win some awesome products.

  100. Chris dowty says:

    I could only dream of winning something like this.

  101. Rob Gwinn says:

    Love the SWAG! I could use a new lid. Great products, glad to have any one of them.

  102. Greg Young says:

    Here’s my shot at a prize.

  103. David Willard Jr says:

    Awesome way to start the year!

  104. Amanda says:

    this is my official entry 😀

  105. Eric says:

    Great Scott !

  106. Max Hauxwell says:

    Thanks for the great contest, and a chance to win some awesome Pro-Line goodies.

  107. Austin Stark says:

    Thank you pro-line and rc truck stop for this awesome contest.

  108. sebastien fontaine says:

    Thanks you pro-line and rc truck stop for this awesome giveaway ,i love your product

  109. Daniel Siegl says:

    The Body rocks!

  110. tony eager says:

    I could use a 2nd truck to start my fleet with

  111. Andrew skalitzky says:

    Nice you guy got GREAT tires

  112. North says:

    Love this body! It would awesome to win!

  113. Edward says:

    thanks for all the things that someone could win. things get tight and people sometime cant afford to get a very special present. thats when if you lucky someone can win a very special present…

  114. John Davis says:

    Im a r/c addict but like have no funds please help fill the need

  115. michael anderson says:

    Very Nice body !!!!!

  116. Eben says:

    Would like to win this model.

  117. Eric Schoon says:

    Cool I wanna enter this time and winning would be ok too!

  118. Craig Schofield says:

    That is a very cool truck, I would really like to add that one to my RC garage!

  119. Derrick Boucher says:

    Looks awesome! Would totally run that kit

  120. Patrick Keeney says:

    Awesome looking body, as always, Proline.

  121. Jason says:

    Thanks for the chance to win some awesome prizes !!! Thanks again Rc Truck Stop and Pro-Line Racing !

  122. cody watson says:

    awesome giveaway ,,,thanks!!! cant wait

  123. Todd Queen says:

    yep would be cool to win one

  124. Cory says:

    This is sweet, put my name in

  125. The Tank says:

    Thanks, RC Truck Stop and Pro-Line for the opportunity to win!

  126. Dale Pukanski says:

    Must keep trying! Gotta hit one sooner or later.

  127. chris marsh says:

    this COOL!!

  128. david lalley says:

    thank you for the chance to win great products

  129. Id love to win! Thanks for the contest.

  130. Id love a shot, count me in please!

  131. Phillip Pennington says:

    Sweat! Thanks proline and rc truck stop.

  132. Brian stark says:

    Thanks for the contest proline and rc truck stop.

  133. Diane stark says:

    Can’t wait to here the results. Thanks proline and rctruckstop.

  134. Allison says:

    Nice. What a way to kick off the year.

  135. James says:

    Thanks proline and rc truck

  136. James Ferguson says:

    Thanks Proline and RCtruckstop!!! I need a set of those trencher x’s to try on my EXO. O_o

  137. Dawn Downes says:


  138. C. Glover says:

    I would love to have these…!

  139. KAREN FERGUSON says:

    Hope I win,,, Can’t wait !!!!!!!! 😀

  140. caleb jennings says:

    trucks, not just for farming! thanks

  141. Ashley O. says:

    My boyfriend would love this stuff!!!

  142. KAREN FERGUSON says:

    <3. <3 <3,,,,, <3 to win !!!!!!!!!

  143. RcFaNaTiC says:

    Who won???? Hopefully someone who really needed it!!!

  144. Jason Tice says:

    I was just scrolling along on FaceBook….and BAM!!!!!!! There’s my name. Thank you sooo much. Can’t wait to get this great package. I’m so excited

  145. James Ferguson says:

    Congrats Jason! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks or the opportunity Proline and RCtruckstop…. Maybe next time.

  146. John L says:

    Heck yeah…sounds good!

  147. Peter B says:

    its a nice body, thanks for chance

  148. Awsome looking body, great products to win. Thanks for giving us rc addicts a chance like this!

  149. Gabe says:

    I dont ever win but always love to try thanks for the giveaway prizes and my best to the winner !!!

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