Pro-Line Car Stand


Pro-Line has come out with two new car stands inspired by motocross bike stands. Pro-Line’s stands are alloy and come in two sizes, 1/10- and 1/8-scale. They and are laser cut, bent to shape and powder-coated blue. The stands have shock building holes and include rubber grommets to protect your chassis and prevent your car from sliding around.

1/10-scale Stand (part no. 6258-00)
3” tall x 5” x 5.25”
Recommended for 1/10-scale buggies, stadium trucks, short course trucks, 1/10-scale trucks and 1/8=scale buggies

1/8-cale Stand (6257-00)
4.75” tall x 6.5” x 7”
Recommended for 1/8-scale truggies and buggies and monster trucks

Learn more here.

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