Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 2.2 Tire Review


Pro-line has been making RC tires for a long time, so it’s no surprise you already know the name. You may also already know about their cool lineup of Super Swamper tires modeled after the popular real off-road tires. In this review we’re taking a look at the new Super Swamper XL 2.2” tires. As you’d expect, XL stands for extra large, and these tires aim to satisfy those crawlers out there who believe bigger is better. For the scalers who sweat the details, under official license from Interco Tire Corporation, Pro-Line’s engineering staff have reproduced a perfect scale match thanks to access to Interco’s design data. Well, without further ado, let’s take a look at how well these tires work.

Super Swamper XL 1
Compared to the original Interco 2.2” Swamper tire, this new XL version is, as you larger in diameter and overall height. This allows you to have the height you need to tackle larger obstacles. The famous Super Swamper tread design is technically a mud tire, but is has proven to work well on all types of terrain such as dirt, gravel, mud, rocks and even snow.

There are four tires in the Pro-Line Super Swamper family. Here is how they stack up:
1.9           >> 4.30″ tall  >> 1.50″ wide

1.9 XL    >> 4.75″          >> 1.75″
2.2          >> 5.40″          >> 2.05″
2.2 XL  >> 5.80″       >> 2.28″

The tires come molded in Pro-Line’s rock crawling specific G8 compound. G8 is a soft compound similar to the M3 compound, but it’s said to be suitable for a wider temperature range. Memory foam is included and a pair will run you approximately $30.  Part # 10107-14.

Super Swamper XL 15 compare 2   Super Swamper XL 14 compare
The XL 2.2” Super Swamper compared to stock Axial 2.2 Rip Saw tires.

These tires are big. They do come with memory foam already inside, and due to packaging, they are often squeezed into a funny odd shape and you will need to work the foam down by hand and get them back “into shape” before you assemble to the wheel of your choice.

Super Swamper XL 3
For my wheels, I decided on Axial’s Trail Ready HD Series IFD Beadlock wheels. The Axial wheels are easy to use and have thus far proven to work well with most 2.2-sized tires. But, most 2.2 wheels should would work just fine with these Pro-Line tires.

These tires are recommended to be used with a 2.2 Beadlock style wheel due to the high side wall. Gluing these tires could
 result in bead separation.

Super Swamper XL 4 Super Swamper XL 5
Start the installation process by getting the insert piece settled into the center of the tires foam. Make sure you have the internal ring (if your design is similar) is properly tucked in and the foam isn’t going to interfere with the bead locking ring edge.

Super Swamper XL 6 Super Swamper XL 7
Set the front side of the bead first. Make sure you have the tire evenly locked into the locking ring channel all the way around. It should sit flat and be smooth all the way around. Looking at the photos above, the one shown on the BOTTOM is a bad bead install and will result in bead separation.

Super Swamper XL 8
These wheels from Axial have “vent” holes already designed into the wheel, and the design offers the ability to rotate the pieces to adjust the amount of breathing. Due to the large size and internal volume of air in the tire, I went full vent with all three holes open on each side for a total of six. This allows the tire to breath and conform easy and have less chance of blowing off the wheel and bursting a bead when on the trails or hard rocks.

Super Swamper XL 10  Super Swamper XL 9

When installing the locking rings, front or back remember to start at one side, and install the rest of the hardware in a start formation, much like how you would tightening a full size vehicle tire. The cross pattern install ensure equal force around the bead and locking ring and will reduce the chance of the tire rolling up or binding as you tightening down the ring.

Super Swamper XL 12 before f1

It is not advised to use any form of electric screwdriver when installing headlock hardware on plastic wheels. Stripping the hardware or the threads of the internal ring may occur. Hand tools should used when installing the locking rings.


It’s really hard not to be a little excited for these tires. They are huge, and based on testing, I found they performed exceptionally  well in every way I needed. The compound is really sticky and versatile. It works well over the rocks and on the mixed terrain of trails. The height of these tires allowed my test truck to easily clear some pretty large obstacles. There’s little doubt that the Super Swamper XLs are fully comp worthy.

Pro-Line’s Interco Super Swamper series of tires are well loved. You see them everywhere. They look and work very well, so their popularity is of no real surprise. These new XLs are a perfect addition as they expand the variety of sizes and specifically give just what a lot of crawlers are asking for–bigger tires.

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Christopher Oswald About the Author: Christopher is our Senior Editor and a professional automotive technician by trade, he has been a RC enthusiast for over 20 years and has hobby store experience under his belt. He has closed off many racing seasons with top podium finishes. His favorite is the Canadian National Championship series. He resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Good old fashioned competitive racing, scale crawling and some Sunday afternoon parking lot bashing is just some of his favorite ways to enjoy RC. When he isn’t writing, racing or bashing, Christopher spends his time with his wife and kids. Christopher also finds time to contribute other articles and RC tech on a variety of topics around the web. Christopher has his own personal RC project showcase website “R/C Modz Full Throttle” where you can find some of his own personal custom rigs. You can also follow Christopher on Twitter for up-to-date project's and review notifications at @RCTrkStp_Chris If you ever have any questions or comments, email Christopher at

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  1. Tristan says:

    Very nice review! Love it.

    Also love your Clod body on that Ridgecrest, looks great.

    • Thanks, Tristan. I like it too. Just a little different. Sure love these tires, though. We’ve had some good snow fall here in the Winnipeg office; these tires rip through it just fine. Great all around tread.

  2. Gerardo Gonzalez says:

    Great review Christopher, I’m glad to hear you really like the looks and performance of the tires. Thank you very much.

  3. Darryl says:

    Hello Christopher, I just bought 4 of the Super Swamper 2.2 XL and I tried to install them on my stock rims that came on my Rockslide RS10 XT, I couldn’t get the tire to go into the grove where the outer ring seals the rim to the tire (BeedLock) Can you recommend a good rim for me to use on my Rock Slide along with my SS XL. I am disabled so my budget is slim and I can’t afford the high dollar stuff even though I know the expensive stuff is higher quality!!
    Thank You for all your help

    • Hey Darryl,

      The Super Swamper 2.2 XL’s are a big tire, no doubt you noticed that the second you took them out of the bag. Because of it’s size and inner foam that is larger than most other 2.2’s, there is a lot of inner force on the sidewalls and face of the tire. The foams on my rig I had to cut down to make the diameter a bit smaller so it wasn’t putting so much stress on the bead and popping off. I cut down the sides down about 1/4 of an inch. This was discovered after press time. Shaving the foam down might help, but I think the real culprit here is those Redcat wheels. I’m not too familiar with the rims in question in detail, but your not alone in the hobby when trying to fit higher quality products on a less expensive brand of RC vehicle components. You mentioned funds are tight, so if cutting the foams down isn’t on your list of things to try, because after all once you cut, it’s hard to go back…. then saving up for some good 2.2 wheels from Axial or Pro-line is the next best thing. You don’t have to drop big $$$ to run The Super Swamper 2.2 XL’s. My best thought is do a little research on what other guys are running in that brand and see what looks good to you. There are plenty of affordable workable wheels from Axial and Pro-line.

  4. Darryl says:

    Thank you so much for your quick response!! Due to the size of the tire I think I will just get another set of wheels so that once I get them together I will not have a need to remove them and go through the headache again!! I saw one time a guy on youtube used a 3 piece wheel from Axial or Pro-line but he glued the tire to the rim and I saw in your article that you didn’t recommend that!! Thanks for ALL your help and suggestions


  5. Chris says:

    Nice body. Where did you get it from?

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