Pro-Line Racing 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Body Review


The Chevrolet Silverado is a popular full-size pickup truck manufactured by General Motors. It was introduced in 1998 as the successor to the Chevrolet C/K line. In the RC hobby, where a lot of people like to build miniature versions of what they own as a full-size truck, or wish they owned, we have had a handful of Chevy truck shells molded of out Lexan in the past. As technology gets better and the molding techniques improve, the quality and details get better. It’s fair to say this is especially true of the bodies made by Pro-Line Racing. PL has made RC shells for many years. Back when the 2007 Chevy Silverado came out with new styling, Pro-line soon followed suit and released a Lexan version. It can still be found in stock  at many hobby stores. Sadly though, it has been the same body for seven years. The full-size version by General Motors didn’t get a new makeover until this year, but Pro-Line once again followed suit and introduced a new RC version of the 2014 Chevy Silverado this past fall. Needless to say, Chevy guys are excited.


It’s a body, so the actual features don’t make for a really long list. The 2014 Chevy Silverado is technically a 1/8-scale body designed for monster trucks such as the Traxxas Revo. It comes as a clear Lexan body and includes pre-cut window, pre-applied overspray outer film, masks and a highly detailed sticker sheet. It’s a one-piece body and features a shallow bed and is styled after the 4-door version.
Part number: 3430-00

Length: 19.5 in. (496 mm)
Width: 7.5 in. (191 mm)
Height: 5.5 in. (140 mm)
Wheelbase: 13 in. (330 mm)
Thickness: .060″
Designed to fit: Traxxas Summit, REVO 3.3, T-Maxx 3.3 and Team Associated MGT


To get this body for for actual use you’ll need body Scissors (RC-specific curved scissor provide the best results) and paint. You’ll also need a body hole reamer or a drill. A small hobby knife, such as an X-Acto, also comes in handy. For this paint job, Parma Faskolor liquid mask and Tamiya and Spaz Stix paints were used.

Paint Used
Tamiya PS-5 Polycarbonate Spray Black
Tamiya PS-2 Polycarbonate Spray Red
Spaz Stix, Inc. Ultimate Clear Coat Aerosol Paint For Mirror Chrome

As mentioned before, it’s been a longtime since the Silverado nameplate got this kind of redesign and facelift, both in full-size and RC. It’s nice too see that the quality that we have come to expect from Pro-line is well delivered with this new 2014 Chevy Silverado body. The lines are clean and the mold is crystal clear and reinforced in all the right areas. It’s hard to capture some details in Lexan. For example, the rear bumper is a little lacking. This is most likely be due to its unique design. The full-size counterpart has 3D-like bumper side steps incorporated into the rear bumper ends, and details like this can be challenging to mold. Having a separate bolt on section, however, would have be nice to see or least the option to have one like when doing a sedan wing.

The sticker sheet is top notch in detail. Sure, it would have been nice to see more grill and headlamp options to choose from and additional Z71 decal add on would have been nice instead of just 4×4.  I would love to see, at some point, pre-cut decals. Some manufacturers do this and, for the most part, they are pretty good. I know this would increase the overall cost of the body, but really by how much? Last, but not least, I’ve always appreciated pre-cut window masks and the exterior protective film.

Overall, I think Pro-Line is delivering to their customers a product that is money well spent. It’s very high quality and it’s offered at a reasonable cost. Official licensing often doesn’t come cheap, but Pro-Line has kept the cost in check. Having a large selection of branded offerings  give Pro-Line an edge in body choices for consumers.

If you want a paint scheme like this, and want to add more color to your next build, check out this guide to How-to: Paint a Simple Multicolor Body.

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Pro-Line Racing
Parma PSE Faskolor
SpazStix Products
Tamiya USA

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Christopher Oswald About the Author: Christopher is our Senior Editor and a professional automotive technician by trade, he has been a RC enthusiast for over 20 years and has hobby store experience under his belt. He has closed off many racing seasons with top podium finishes. His favorite is the Canadian National Championship series. He resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Good old fashioned competitive racing, scale crawling and some Sunday afternoon parking lot bashing is just some of his favorite ways to enjoy RC. When he isn’t writing, racing or bashing, Christopher spends his time with his wife and kids. Christopher also finds time to contribute other articles and RC tech on a variety of topics around the web. Christopher has his own personal RC project showcase website “R/C Modz Full Throttle” where you can find some of his own personal custom rigs. You can also follow Christopher on Twitter for up-to-date project's and review notifications at @RCTrkStp_Chris If you ever have any questions or comments, email Christopher at

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  1. Eric Schoon says:

    I’m a fan of Proline bodies. When looking into getting a new body for my RCs I always look at Proline first. This is another well done truck body no doubt. Proline, in my opinion, makes great RC anything. Sweet job on the paint Chris, very nice work as usual.

  2. Thanks Eric, it was exciting to hear GM brought out a new Silverado in 2014, working on the full size counterpart as my day job, I was pumped when I heard Pro-Line was making one. The next step was choosing a design to showcase in. It took some thinking on trying to be original, and then the Ready-lift idea came along. (Built like the real one). I agree, when starting any new body project I check Pro-Line. They have a history of having rugged and durable bodies. The details are spot on and scaled down well on this particular truck body. Thanks for checking out the truck 🙂

  3. larry cherry says:

    Im extremely happy they made this body but Im really disappointed that they dont offer it for the HPI Savage X. I had to measure the savage to make sure it fits, which it does. SO i will be purchasing this body shortly

  4. Oliver says:

    I’m extremely HAPPPY with this I have order one for my scx 10 but I would like to see a Dodge Ram flo tek sct bodie

  5. Well Oliver, I’m glad your happy with this body. A lot of Chevy guys are. It’s been long over due. Let us see it when it’s all done. We love seeing reader’s rides. Email or post to our Facebook page.

  6. Corey says:

    Did you have to make longer links for this body ? Looks great ordered the body last night.

  7. Kevin says:

    I love the idea of the whole rig, but what company is everything else other then the body from…. Tamiya, traxxas ???

  8. Kevin, thanks for coming and checking out the review and your inquiry. The vehicle used in this build in an Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler. The other fancy bits and pieces are from STRC and can been seen in a two part series build. The above has additionally been modified by stretching the chassis 1″ inch to fit wheel base. I explain why in the above comments. Here is the STRC build up ->

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    The wheels and tires are Integy:

    Hope this helps Kevin, it’s an awesome truck and the latest Chevy body I think tops it off rather well.

    Thanks again, let me know if you have any other questions.

  9. Champ Jones says:

    Wow! Great work on the paint job, Chris. Looks top notch.

  10. mike says:

    hi just wondering what u used for driveshafts to do this rig im currently doing this same set up and havent gotten to links yet and wondering if im guna run into an issue with my MIP driveshafts

    • Hey Mike,

      Currently I’m using the stock scx10 center axles. Provided your aftermarket shafts are the same length as stock I don’t foresee an issue. Keep in mind, this build only stretched each end of the rig out half an inch. Not very much, and most shafts should adapt to this. Depending on on the wheelbase your working with, I would juts make sure and measure everything.

      Have fun, and don’t forget to post it to our social media page and share your build when your done. We love seeing readers rides.

  11. Rob says:

    Nice body just wished they would make GMC Sierra Decals for it.

  12. James Sanders says:

    where can i get one built like that but the metallic blue like my truck? plzz answer

  13. Karla says:

    I was wondering how do i go about purchasing this body. The wheels an the aluminum body kit?

  14. Karla,
    The body is through Pro-Line Racing. Local hobby stores may have stock or you can order from the Pro-line website. The wheels and tires are from Team Integy. The vehicle itself used was the Axial SCX10. All of which is sold separately and built together. Hope this helps.

  15. connor says:

    Would this body work for a scx10 truck

    • Hello Connor,

      Yes this body will fit the scx10, but with some help. You just need to match up the wheel base. This wheel base is longer than the stock scx10. You can achieve a longer wheelbase a varity of ways, depending on preference and budget.

  16. mike says:

    I will be using this body on my revo it will be painted a metallic black with metallic red accents the windows will be tinted. As for the truck it self it will be completely tricked out the engine will be the bigblock LRP ZR.30 it will be ported and polished when done it will be 5hp the truck will be all aluminum and titanium with beadlock wheels the truck will be a big bad beast

  17. Sounds Great Mike, be sure to share your build on our Facebook page, we love seeing readers builds. Good luck!

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