Traxxas Skully and Craniac 2WD Monster Trucks

traxxas skully

Traxxas has made some big changes to its 2WD monster truck lineup. Gone are the Monster Jam series of trucks and in their place are two new trucks dubbed Skully and Craniac.


If you’re down with the rather famous Stampede platform and the previously mentioned Monster Jam trucks, these trucks will be familiar to you. They are 2WD and feature 4-wheel independent suspension. As is the case with all of Traxxas vehicles, the Skully and Craniac trucks are waterproof.


The specs are basically the same as the Monster Jam based Stampedes. Shocks are fluid-filled, wheels spin on bushings, the Magnum 272 transmission has all-metal gears and bearings, power is made by Traxxas’ Titan 12-turn 550 brushed motor and the radio system is 2.4 GHz. Traxxas did make some updates besides the two new bodies. The biggest improvement is the charger. replacing the slow-charging wall charger is a much faster 4-amp charger that is DC powered. The upside is the charger is much faster. The potential downside is the charger needs to be plugged into an automotive 12-volt plug.


Also included on the speed control, battery and charger are Traxxas’ new iD High Current connectors that are designed to auto detect the Traxxas battery being used and to select the proper charge settings.

3018R-XL-5-wires-2-2014 NiMH-Connector-Full-Assembly-callouts 36064-1_skully_green_frontview

36094-1_Craniac_red_frontview-high 6516-TQ-24GHz-(2-ch)_o 36094-1_Craniac_ProGraphix_m

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