Axial Racing NuKizer 715


Auto enthusiasts know and love concept cars. And, it could be argued that when it comes to concept cars, lately, no one has been consistently doing it better than Jeep. A great example of this is the NuKizer 715, which is all about being big, bold and retro, whereas most concept cars lean towards being sleek and futuristic. The NuKizer 715 was unveiled at the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT back in 2010 and is based on Jeep’s military J8 chassis (think stretched Wrangler). Built by Jeep Mopar Underground, it’s a new (Nu) take on the famous Kaiser (Kizer) M-715 truck used extensively in the Vietnam era. Bottom line it’s an eye-catching beauty and Axial has a Lexan version, so us mere mortals can have our own concept car in 1/10 scale.

clear lexan

Axial teamed up with Jeep to create this replica that is molded out of 0.040 inch Lexan. It will fit a 12-inch wheelbase. It is compatible with the SCX10 Wheel Wells kit. Axial includes a decal sheet, LED light buckets, front and rear body assemblies, all necessary body hardware and window mask sheet.


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  1. Chris says:

    Cool body. I dislike the fact the body has plastic bumpers. I wish it would be trimmed so I could use stock or aftermarket bumpers.

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