STRC Axial Wraith Monster Truck Izilla Chassis Conversion


STRC has clearly been watching the scale monster truck scene explode and become bigger than it’s been in a long time. I’m not talking about the 80’s classics here; the new breed of monster trucks that are being built today are a mixed bunch of custom builds, and one of the top brands people are using has been Axial. STRC’s new conversion makes it much easier to turn an Axial Racing Wraith into a race-ready monster truck.

The new Izilla racing chassis conversion will give anyone who wants to build a solid axle monster racer a great starting point. It’s a direct bolt-on for the Axial Wraith and has low CG suitable for racing. The electronics and battery mounting are adjustable, which  allows for different weight distribution. It also has an option for a Wraith sway bar kit.


-Durable Ladder Frame with low center of gravity design
-Adjustable forward or rear bias weight distribution
-CNC Machined Front and Rear chassis beams with integrated sway bar mount

Like most of STRC products, the chassis does come in a variety of different colors and combinations.

*You will need to add your own suspension links and/or sway bar kit separately.


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publishstrcmonster6 publishstrcmonster7 STA80074Bk-BKthumb

STA80074BK-Gthumb STA80074BK-GMthumb STA80074BK-Rthumb

STA80074BK-Sthumb STA80074G-Gthumb STA80074GM-BKthumb


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