STRC CNC Aluminum 5.5mm/7.0mm Nut Drivers & 17mm Wrench


If you have been around any RC toolbox for a while, and wrenched on some rigs, you know a thing or two about having the right tools. This is essential with building and repairing any job or task successfully. Bottom line, the wrong tools can get you frustrated and cause damage to the components your working with. STRC has the right mix and fix for guys looking to add some quality tools to the toolbox. Take a look at the new line of nut drivers and wheel wrench from STRC.


Staring off are these CNC Machined one piece aluminum nut drivers. These nut drivers are cut to a perfect tolerance with amazing factory looks. With knurled handles for a secure grip and ease of handling during use. They are also drilled hollowed center for great light weight use.

The 5.5mm nut drivers also feature thinned wall construction so it can fit into narrow and hard to reach locations where you might find most M3 locking nuts. A great tool to get the job done quickly and easily.

The 7.0mm size takes care of the M4 size wheel lock-nuts found on practically every 1/0th scale RC model out there.  Both the 5.5mm and 7.0mm drivers are available in eye catching anodized colors. Blue, Light Blue, Black, Gun Metal, Green, Red, and Orange.

Sold individually (or) in combo packs Details bellow:

STRA55BK/B/GM/G/LB/R/O CNC Machined 1-piece Aluminum 5.5mm Light Weight Nut Drivers. MSRP: $12.99

STRA70BK/B/GM/G/LB/R/O CNC Machined 1-piece Aluminum 7.0mm Light Weight Nut Drivers. MSRP: $13.99

STRA755Bk/B/GM/G/LB/R/O CNC Machined Aluminum 5.5mm and 7.0mm Light Weight Nut Drivers combo pack. MSRP: $25.99

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STRA755R rctrkthumb STRA755O rctrkthumb STRA755LB rctrkthumb STRA755GM rctrkthumb STRA755BK rctrkthumb STRA755G rctrkthumb




Up next, the light weight 17mm Wheel Nut Wrench.  Even the guys running 1/8th rigs with 17mm wheel nuts need the right tools. These wheel nut wrenches are machined from high quality aluminum in a two-piece construction. The light weight slotted shank and handle are secured in place by 4 steel screws (included). The wrench is long enough to provide good clearance for the hand when used on wheels with deeper off-sets.  Available in two-tone anodizing of Black/Blue, Black/Gun Metal, Black/Red, Black/Silver. Details bellow:

STRA17BK/B, BK/GM, BK/R, BK/S CNC Machined Aluminum Light Weight 1/8th Scale 17mm Hex Wheel Nut Wrench. MSRP: $25.99

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