Axial Racing SMT10 Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck RTR


What?! Is it too early to say we love it? I mean we’re suckers for monster trucks and we’re suckers for scale, so this truck had us at hello. We’re willing to bet you are there too. The SMT stands for Scale Monster Truck and the 10 means 1/10 scale. We love it. We already said that. OK, we need to pull ourselves together here. So, the new monster truck really expands what Axial is as a brand. They have the largest market share of the rock crawling/scaler segment and they have a desert truck, which gets them in the short course crowd and isn’t really that big of a departure since their desert truck is really a Yeti. This truck, however, is all new for them. A lot of parts carry over from other platforms, but a lot–such as the chassis, wheels, tires and body–are all new.


Everybody is going to be reporting on this, so we won’t tell you all the same stuff. But, we will tell you where this truck fits in:

                 Axial Grave Digger               Traxxas Skully (Stampede)               Tamiya TXT-2

Length                       19″                                                         16.25″                                            20.1″

Width                         13.2″                                                     12.75″                                             13.54″

Wheelbase                 13.9″                                                     10.63″                                            13″

ax90055_smt10_grave_digger_10_470px ax90055_smt10_grave_digger_20_470px ax90055_smt10_grave_digger_11_470px


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  1. I love what they did here. It’s great to see Axial taking an ear to it’s fans and drivers all over the world and jumping into the RC Monster Truck segment. It has been a longtime coming in this platform. No doubt a home run here, so much potential. Nice move Axial.

  2. Hello just wanted to say great job rc car action and to axial I wonder ir they’re going to make a kit or other styles. Thanks

  3. Nick v says:

    If the kit comes out with a non green chassis then it’s not the grave digger now is it? Scale, scale,scale,details C’mon Mr matt

    • Matt Higgins Matt Higgins says:

      That’s my guess–that the kit version will not be a Grave Digger version. But, Grave Digger sells, so maybe they won’t want to take the risk. I think they should. Let everyone who wants Grave Digger have the RTR and have a kit with a non-green chassis and a standard pick-up body.

  4. While the RTR Grave digger will sell well, I agree, having a neutral colored chassis with a pick up body would be geared to guys who like kits (myself included) and like to put their own theme in it. But Axial has had the base line for years and lots of monster builder followers. This is a great launch in this segment out of the bix and should help continue the hold on the popularity of the all mighty Monster Truck.

  5. Sam Berger says:

    Wow this thing looks like a beast! I remember seeing the grave digger with my dad when I was a little kid so this brings back great memories.

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