Pro-line Racing Interco Bogger 1.9″ Tire Review


Pro-line has had some great success in recent times when it comes to scaling down some big name off road tire manufactures like Interco® The new 1.9″ Bogger tires are a great example. The Bogger tire delivers some great features such as a directional tread pattern with the patented Interco TSL “three stage lug” design just like the full-size tires. The new Bogger tires are aggressive and are also extremely versatile and easily modified for even more mud flinging performance. Molded in Pro-Line’s legendary G8 compound, you know they will perform as intended. Here is some more details and testing results.


Part# 10133-14
Height: 5.40″ (137mm)
Width: 1.91″ (49mm)





The size of these tires are 5.4” tall and 1.91” wide. The tall sidewall and sturdy and conforming inner foam does keep these tires well formed and easy to spin out of the package. Tire tread trimming and inner foam modifying would soften the support and alter the tires structure and may cause abnormal tire deformation on high traction surfaces. Great for certain terrain climbing, but we kept ours stock out of the bag and went with bead locks on this run. Gluing is still an option, but for superior performance a beadlock wheel is recommended. Pro-Line tires 1.9″ (and 2.2″) are known to be difficult/unable to mount to many beadlock wheels, Please Verify the wheels you wish to use are able to mount Pro-Line tires.



The Pro-line Racing Interco Bogger 1.9″ tires may not be for every scale rig, but they do perform excellent under their design and purpose. Mud throwing and loose off road terrain is what these tires are designed for. You could crawl with them sure, but there are a lot of other choices in that category. These tires a awesome bashing tires. The soft compound allowed the wet mud and gravel to fall off with decent wheel spin and keep up traction. Bead locks are highly recommended and venting is suggested. If you want to build a 1.9″ scale mud rig, these tires are a great choice. The extra tall sidewall keeps things scale and increases ride height of the axle, helping in clearance on rough terrain. The tread is aggressive from stock and thanks to the soft G8 compound, they are easy to modify for better performance and preference.


Pro-Line Racing




mudrun1 mudrun2 mudrun3

mudrun5 mudrun6 mudrun7




Pro-line Racing

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