Um, That’s a Dollhouse

This is probably going to upset some people, but in my opinion, what started out as typically just two-wall scale garages has gone from cool to, well, kinda weird. The scale houses and now scale villages are getting out of hand. Okay, now don’t get me wrong, within reason, if you’re not hurting anyone I believe people should be able to do what they want. If it makes you happy, go for it. That, however, doesn’t mean I don’t think somethings are a little cuckoo.

It all started when a few creative blokes realized the corner of their workbench could be transformed to have a scale garage motif. It’s honestly a brilliant idea. We all snap photos at the workbench, so why not have a cool backdrop for those photos. I’m into it and I’ll eventually do the same. But, as is always the case with scale, too many people just don’t get that less is more. For a lot of people, scale accessories are like tattoos or Pringles. The next thing you know what was a realistic and cool photo backdrop now has a balcony, then a bathroom with a pretty pedestal sink. And then, the driver figures aren’t just drivers, they’re posed around the scale garage. It’s starting to be a dollhouse, guys. When you’re playing with your figures and creating scenes. It’s starting to be a dollhouse. When you spend more time picking out furnishings and curtains than you do driving your RC truck. It’s starting to be a dollhouse.

After the scale garages went from dioramas to dollhouses, some themed scale courses went from realistic to kinda creepy. Like everything, the scale villages started somewhere. At some point, someone building a backyard scale course decided a building would be a nice touch. And, just like the scale garages, things spiraled out of control. First it was just a facade or two and then, poof, villages sprang up. First, a gas station then a post office, then a police station and so on. It seemed like for a little while, a week couldn’t go by where I didn’t see some guy showing off his own 1/10-scale Mayberry. Again, if this makes you happy, have at it. It’s your time and it’s your money. But, when the original purpose was RC crawling and you now spend more time decorating and moving in WWE residents than you do with a transmitter in your hands, you’re playing with dolls, dude.

Okay, so what’s my point? I can’t say it enough that I firmly believe you are entitled to do what you want. That’s a freedom you should enjoy, but just because you are allowed to do something doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to have an opinion about what you’re doing. And, my opinion is it’s gotten weird. Grown men are playing with dolls.

Do you agree? Great. If you hate what I’m saying that’s okay too. I play with RC cars and plenty of people think that’s weird. If you have a similar opinion as I do, go ahead and share it in the comments. And, if you disagree, you can come at me in the comments too. Bring it on.

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Matt Higgins About the Author: Matt has over 30 years of experience in RC and has worked professionally in media for two decades. Matt enjoys everything from racing to rock crawling to bashing, and he believes RC should be all about having fun. Matt is as at home covering a world championship in an exotic country as he is showing a new hobbyist how to set gear mesh. His desire to share the hobby with as many people as possible inspired him to create RC Truck Stop and

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  1. Fives says:

    I dunno, for the folks into the scale realism side of the hobby, the scale landscapes and buildings are just an extension of the modeling/crafting aspect. Grown men have been building scale landscapes as long as there have been model trains (a loooong time). I think Smiggin’s Folly is brilliant, for example, and the videos shot on that landscape are amazing. Think of it like two different hobbies mixing. “Hey, your chocolate fell in my peanut butter!”

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