Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited Trail 4WD Buggy Kit


Portals are all the rage right now and for a few weeks, thanks to the teasers, we’ve known Axial was not about to be left out. The new Axial Capra features not only Currie F9 portal axles but an all-new transmission with dig for tight turning.┬áBy the way, the Capra name is reference to the this rig’s goat-like capabilities. Equipped as it is, even with 1.9s, the Capra should be pretty goat like.

The quick breakdown is the Capra is a 1.9 kit that features all-new portal axles, an all-new dig transmission and tube frame. It’s a kit, so electronics are not included and tires are not included either. The final drive ratio is 37:1. The wheelbase is 12.5 in. In comparison, the Axial Bomber has a 14.75 in. wheelbase. That’s a big difference–more than 15% shorter. The two similar looking vehicles are a little closer in width. The new Capra is 10.25 in. wide and the Bomber measures in at 11 in.

As far as the drivetrain goes, there’s a lot to like here as the gears are steel from the transmission down to the portals and the axles are also universals up front. Overall, we’re not sure what’s the bigger or more exciting feature, the portals or the dig.

The suspension is a 4-link setup with large-bore aluminum shocks. The 6 mm suspension and steering links, as well as the pivot balls, are all stainless steel, not aluminum.

The nighttime is the right time. Axial even includes an LED light bar. Other noteworthy features are the 3-piece bead-lock Raceline wheels and boat side style skid plate.

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