Pro-Line Candy RC Body Paint

Candy exactly a week before trick or treat. Man, I just used a Halloween joke for the orange Spektrum DX5 Rugged. Oh well, I’ll skip it and you can make up your own joke. Getting down to business, what we have here are six new colors of Pro-Line ready-to-spray paint and they are all candy hues. You can buy them individually or as a set of all six. These paints are specifically formulated for polycarbonate, water based and, as mentioned, ready to spray (no thinning required).

Colors include: candy blood red (another Halloween joke, right there), candy yellow sun, candy electric green, candy blue ice, candy ultra violet and candy turquoise.

Learn more here.

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Matt Higgins About the Author: Matt has over 30 years of experience in RC and has worked professionally in media for two decades. Matt enjoys everything from racing to rock crawling to bashing, and he believes RC should be all about having fun. Matt is as at home covering a world championship in an exotic country as he is showing a new hobbyist how to set gear mesh. His desire to share the hobby with as many people as possible inspired him to create RC Truck Stop and

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