Team Raffee Co. XLT Gen 2 Hard Body

They might not call it a Bronco, but I know I Bronco when I see one. Over the years, I’ve personally owned three–two second generation Broncos and one third generation–and my family also owned a first generation Bronco. The second generation was only offered from 1978 to 1979, which is the shortest run of all the generations. XLT was one of the more popular trim packages. So, the XLT Gen 2 name certainly fits for the Team Raffee Co. hard plastic body.

The Bronco body is offered with an overland style roof rack, and what you’re getting is a multi-piece body that requires assembly and painting. The end result is a Bronco that is extremely detailed to the point that it’s hard for Lexan to match. In addition to the main hard body, which is ABS plastic, the kit includes Lexan windows, chrome bumpers, chrome grille, side mirrors, windshield wipers, light lenses and buckets and a decal sheet.

The wheelbase measures in at 12.3 in. and the width is 9.6 in., which makes it a match size-wise for the Traxxas Bronco shell.

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