Axial Wraith Aluminum Axles from Vanquish

Want the ultimate in heavy-duty and bling for your Axial Wraith? Check out these aluminum axles from Vanquish. Vanquish is well known for its high quality, precision machining and professional finishes. The axles fit all the stock parts and are hard anodized. Learn more here.

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Pro-Line Flo-Tek Chevy Silverado Short Course Body

Pro-Line has followed its quickly popular original Flo-Tek body with a Chevy Silverado¬†1500 version. As you’d expect from Pro-Line, it’s fully licensed, includes overspray film, decals and pre-cut window masks. You’ll have to cut out all those vent holes that make the Flo-Tek a Flo-Tek, but the extra effort yields a body that has no…

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