Why You Should Race & Why You Should Bash

There’s dissension in the RC ranks. It’s racers vs. bashers, and you’re either one or the other. That’s just the nature of the way we’re programmed to think these days. Every issue has two sides and you’re on one or the other. You’re either a Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. You’re either for something or against it. Every issue is a polarizing issue. Not to get too heavy on a hobby site, but this modus operandi is a shame on real world issues and downright silly when it comes to RC.

Go Race. I tend to push racing they way some people push some seriously bad habits. “Try it. You’ll like. Everyone else is doing it.” The only difference is that I tell them they’ll get hooked like it’s a good thing. Why do I try to sell racing harder than a used car salesman trying to move a high-mileage ’95 Civic at the end of the month? Racing is good for you. No, it won’t make you healthier. You’d have to corner marshal an awful lot of races for it to be considered real exercise. I’m talking about different benefits. Racing will make you more invested in the hobby. Racers stay in the hobby longer. You’ll quickly become a better driver and you’ll learn far more than if you were out bashing by yourself and learn it faster.

Go Bash. I am amazed when I meet racers who have the too-cool-for-bashing attitude. They take racing so seriously that they seem to feel bashing is just playing with toys. Yup, it is. But, so is racing. The reason why I think everyone should bash is simple. It’s fun–and that’s why we do this hobby. Racing can get too serious and often racers put too much pressure on themselves. Going out and tearing up some dirt is a no pressure affair. If you go out and just bash, I just about guarantee you’ll have a renewed appreciation for this awesome hobby. In contrast, if the only time you use RC is at the track, I guarantee you will eventually burn out.

So, if you’ve never raced, now’s the time. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Short course racing is arguably the best entry class this hobby has ever seen. I don’t mean short course is for beginners only. Short course is just an easy class to get started in. Plus, there are so many racers in the class, you’re sure to find plenty of competition that is a good match.

If you don’t bash, get yourself a monster and go out there and try to beat it into submission. You’ll know you’re doing it right when you’re going way to fast, the parts are flying everywhere and you’re smiling from ear to ear.

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  1. I don’t think it’s right to try to sell either method to someone. Part of why I don’t race, besides the nearest track being $20 in gas away, not having anything race legal and not being interested in competition, is people who constantly yammer on about racing and look down on bashers like myself. I don’t want to associate with those people any more than I have to, and if that means I spent my days doing donuts in my driveway then I spend my days doing donuts in my driveway.

  2. Kenny,

    If people tell you they have never bashed their RC’s at one point or another, they’re full of themselves. Some will bash more than other and some will race more than others. It’s all a part of the hobby, just different sides. I can say if doing one or the other is better or worse. It’s a choice, like everything else in life.

    I can understand your points. I would encourage you and anyone to try a little racing if you’re not. Why? Well, because of the people you can meet there and may find that you have a lot in common with that you would otherwise have never known. Could relate to RC or not. You might find that you may actually like some racing from time to time, you might find others that want to go out and bash from time to time. Some might even live closer to you that the track is. You could find that you’d have someone to split the gas to get to the track if you want to try and race. The possibilities are almost endless.

    Sure your bound to come accross people at the track that take toy cars way too serious and would otherwise not want anything to do with. There’s always someone like that in life. But you might be suprised to find that there are a lot fo people/racers at the track that are there more for the friends that have there than the actual racing. For me, that part means a lot more than racing. Yeah I love to race and want to win, but at the end of the day, I’m somewhere with friends that I like to be around and have fun with. Some of whom I’ve been lucky enough to consider life long friends, that I otherwise may not have ever met.

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