LiPo Battery Mistakes to Avoid!

LiPo packs are now the standard pack for RC, but there’s a lot of hype about LiPos being unsafe. This was especially true when LiPos first came on the RC scene. If you use them properly, LiPos are no more dangerous than NiMH chemistry cells. In fact, contrary to the hype, it’s NiMH cells that can explode. If LiPo cells were unsafe you wouldn’t find them in just about every electronic device out there from cell phones to laptops. The proverbial bottom line is that LiPo cells, just like other cells, are perfectly safe if used properly. Follow these tips and you’ll get the most out of you LiPo batteries and be safe and sound.


> Only use a charger specifically made for LiPo batteries. Only charge in the LiPo charge mode.

> Use a LiPo sack when charging. It is actually a good idea to use one of these bags for any type of battery.

> RC Truck Stop only recommends charging at what is referred to as 1C or one times the pack’s capacity. Simply put, a 5000 mAh should be charged at 5 amps. You can charge at 2C, but it is essential that this is done only with the balance plug attached to the charger.



> Only use a LiPo pack with a speed control with a built-in low voltage cutoff and make sure it is set properly for the number of cells you’re using.

> Make sure the pack is properly secured. If a LiPo cell is crushed, it can short out.

> Do not store your LiPo cells in your truck and do not leave them plugged in. Many speed controls will slowly drain a pack if left connected.

> Do not leave your LiPo packs in the sun or in your car as they can heat up and increase in voltage unsafely.



> Store you packs with 50- to 60% of a full charge. Don’t store them fully charged or completely discharged.

> Store your LiPo packs in a LiPo sack or fire proof container.




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  1. I’ve been nervous about lipos but this actually put mer at ease. not knowing what to do and not do with these packs made me nervous

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