Axial Hop-ups Including 1.9 Ripsaw Tires, Aluminum Servo Horns and More

Apparently Axial has been busy. The makers of the popular Wraith and all new EXO Terra Buggy have pulled the cover off a big assortment of parts for December. One of the coolest items are the 1.9 Ripsaw tires that, as expected, feature the same tread pattern as their bigger 2.2 brethren. The tires come in Axial’s soft R35 and are 4.3″ tires. In addition to the new kicks, Axial has new aluminum servo horns and a variety of aluminum parts specifically for the above mentioned Wraith.

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  1. I have bought both the older and new version of the SCX10 kit. The new version does have some nice things like the 4 link truss option, but I’m still a fan of the old version Honcho kit. I feel the Flatiron tire is a softer/more sticky tire, the upper and lower aluminum links “even though no 4 link truss option” and the 1.9 beadlocks make the older kit a more likeable truck. All in all Axial make a really cool RC truck, new or old version.

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