Racers Edge Pro2 Short Course Truck

Racers Edge may be best known for its accessories such as transport bags and batteries, but it has recently jumped into vehicles too. The Pro2 is, as the name indicates, a 2WD short course truck and seems like a pretty solid first offering. It’s RTR and features brushless power and a 2.4GHz radio system. The motor is rated at 3600Kv which means you should be able to expect performance on par with most 13.5-turn brushless systems. The truck looks pretty race worthy and even includes universal rear axles. The radio system looks fairly basic and the tires seemed geared towards bashing over racing, but there is no denying that the Racers Edge has some potential. One more cool feature: the expected price is under $200.

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  1. the reason is because one. its not built right .two.under the servo the body snaps in half .so i bought a kevlar part and drove it for about 10min. and the kevlar part broke in half aswell

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