STRC Has Axial Wraith Covered

STRC has been a go-to company for aluminum accessories ever since the crawler craze took off, and STRC has been popular among tuners because it has a large variety of parts for an equally large variety of vehicles and because the quality is there. In contrast, some aftermarket companies who also dish out mostly aluminum parts have bad reputations for frequent parts failure.

STRC has wisely stayed with what is hot, and one of the hottest trucks in RC right now is the Axial Wraith. STRC is now on its third round of hop-ups for the Wraith. The list of parts is long and includes everything from suspension links, threaded shock bodies, diff covers and new steering setup that is our personal favorite. As you’d expect, STRC offers its parts in a variety of anodized colors. Below is a small sample of what STRC has to offer for the Wraith.

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