Formula Off-road–Will It Catch On?

Formula Off-road–RC or full-size–is relatively unknown in the U.S. It’s often simply called FOFF, but it’s anything but simple to describe. Think of it as a cross between a sand drag and a hill climb with a whole lot of nitrous mixed in. For sure, Formula Off-road is a wild ride. Need more info? FOFF is basically a time trial type event through a series of gates that are placed up and across a sand pit hill side–much of it vertical. It’s certainly different. It’s also starting to build up a decent following of RC’ers. The guys at Axial are among those messing around with low slung Jeep bodies and paddle tires. Brad “Bender” Dumont has built a few FOFF rigs based off of the Axial SCX10 and Wraith (see the video below). So, do you think FOFF will catch on?

Brad “Bender” Dumont’s Axial Builds


Full-size FOFF

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  1. The RC video was awesome, that looks like a total blast. The 1:1 video however was even better, those sick hill-climb sand drags are just amazing. Makes me want to strap a set of paddles on my truggy and head to the dunes – oh wait, I live in CT…

    Great find!

  2. both those videos were awesome, that looks like a ton of fun, the only problem I could see would be finding a place to run like the one in the video.

    1. You’re exactly right, Mike. And, that’s the real reason this type of RC will have no real legs. I don’t know any places around where I live now. We did have some sand pits in the town I grew up in. If I lived there still, I’d build a weird looking Jeep with paddle tires for sure. Videos are sick.

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