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VP Racing Fuels Master Basher 20 Nitro Fuel

We’re sure nitro nuts are feeling a little neglected these days, so we’re happy to pass some news that is likely to put a smile on their faces. The news we speak of is a new nitro from VP Racing Fuels blended up specifically for bashers–Master Basher 20. Even better, it’s branded under the famous VP Racing Fuels brand as opposed to the PowerMaster brand which has had better recognition in the RC airplane ranks. VP Racing Fuels states that no after-run lubricant is needed and the fuel comes in a metal case that makes storage easy. It’s also available for under $19 per gallon.


Learn more here.

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  1. After-run isn’t a requirement with any fuel as long as you run the engine dry at the end of the day. That’s what I do, and none of mine rust up.

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