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Team Associated Slick Mist Short Course Body & New App

Team Associated has released a new pre-painted body and it’s pretty hot looking. This detailed Lexan shell carries Robby Woods’ Slick Mist paint scheme and is a direct fit for the Team Associated Sc10 and SC10 4×4. Of course, it can be made to fit numerous other short course trucks.

Team Associated also announced a smart phone (iPhone or iPod in this case) app for SC10 setups.


Learn more here.

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    1. I thought this was worth sharing because, like you, I think it looks pretty sharp. I also personally like the Associated bodies and think they’re newsworthy for their scale realism. I doubt many people know that Associated used what I believe is called a laser mapping system to scan a full-size short course racer and reduce it down to 1/10-scale. The end result is very realistic.

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