Trinity (Epic) 4XS Quad Magnet ReVtech Motor

This 540-sized sensored brushless motor features a quad magnet and is made for 4WD short course trucks. What that mean to you is that, despite it not being a 550, it should produce a lot of torque which is good for heavier 4WD short course trucks. Trinity says the motor will be available in January and was designed by legendary motor man, Jim Dieter. Trinity states it should be 100% compatible with 1/8-scale speed controls, but warns that it will not work with Novak controllers. Three Kv ratings are listed thus far: 3800, 4800 and 7200Kv. The rotor will have a big 5mm output, but optional rotors with 1/8″ output shafts also be available. I keen eye will notice the motor shown says 4X12 SC. The SC stands for short course, the 4 is for the four magnets and the 12 indicates it has a 12 slotted stator.


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