6 Awesome Household Products for RC

When we need some RC gear, we do what most people do and head to the hobby shop. That makes sense, but what you may not know is that there are some great RC products that may be right in your house or garage already. Check out these awesome household products that work great for RC.

Simple Green. This non-toxic, environmental safe household cleaner is the best tire cleaner, conditioner and restorer we have ever used. Not only will rubber tires cleaned with Simple Green go from dull brownish to black, but they will be noticeable sticky. To clean tires, spray Simple Green over damp tires and use a scrub brush to remove all of the dirt and then lightly rinse the tires. We do not advice using this cleaner on the whole chassis as it can cause corrosion on metal parts.

WD-40. We love this oily spray as a pretreat before running in mud or snow. A liberal coating of WD-40 will do an excellent job of keeping grime and moisture off of your truck. If you’re going to get your truck dirty or wet, spray the underside of the chassis and suspension with WD-40. Do not spray the body. We also use WD-40 to wipe clean and coat metal parts like hinge pins when doing maintenance. WD-40 also works great to restore the shine of used plastic parts.

Shoe Goo. Because Shoe Goo is designed to stay pliable, it is excellent forreenforcing the inside of Lexan bodies. It also doesn’t permanently stick to metal, it is great for securing axle hex pins.

Star Brite Liquid Electrical Tape. Sometimes heat shrink tubing isn’t working for an application, but the wires or connection still need to be protected. Liquid Electrical Tape works great in instances like this. It also works great on scale rigs with LED light buckets. A small amount on the back of the open bucket will secure the small wires and, even better, prevent light from bleeding out the back.

Marvel Mystery Oil. There are a good number of after-run oil available, but one of the best we’ve used is Marvel Mystery Oil. We place a drop or two in the combustion chamber (remove the glow plug) and a drop down the carb opening.

Rubbing Alcohol. Even new electronics should be cleaned to attempting secure them with servo tape. Rubbing alcohol not only cleans well, but it also evaporates and leaves no residue that might weaken the bond of the tape. For the same reason it works well before using servo tape, rubbing alcohol works great for cleaning tires before gluing.


Note: Always use these products as directed and use appropriate protection such as gloves and eye protection.

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  1. I agree with all of them except the Isopropyl as it will leave some moisture behind after the alcohol has evaporated . I find that Denatured alcohol works much better and leaves no residue/moisture .

    And it cuts through grease and oil much better as well .

  2. from a restoration point of view, there are 3 items I always turn to, oven cleaner to strip paint from plastic parts without damaging the plastic, and good old fashioned varsol, or paint thinner as well for paint removal and general gunk removal. And nothing works better than ordinary liquid dish soap to help remove old grease from parts you are cleaning.

      1. the only problem is that if my wife see’s me with the dish soap, she wants dishes cleaned as well as dirty car parts.

  3. I also use the alcohol packets that you can get at a medical supply store. They are small square packets that stay moist and are very convenient to keep in your tool box. I use them for cleaning tire beads and wiping down areas before 2 sided tape. I get a roll of 3M VHB clear 2 sided application tape. This works way better than standard hobby tape and has superior hold power but still removes easy and leaves zero residue on the two places it was bonded to. $20 gets a huge roll and enough to last more than enough builds and re applications of ESC etc. I got mine at Staples Office store.

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