Will These Work?

At RC Truck Stop, we applaud innovation, and these AIRBAG tire inserts are from Veggoplastrc are certainly forward thinking and inventive. They come out of Italy, have been available for about a year and are for sale in the U.S. A Main Hobbies has them for sure, but maybe others do as well. They are available in three color-coded compounds, and if anyone is running these inserts, they’re doing a good job keeping it a secret. They’re designed for 1/8-scale buggy rims and tires, but it’s reasonable to expect they would fit many short course combos as well. The question is: will these work?



A Main Hobbies


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  1. Would love to see a full test on these Matt. It would be interesting to find out what other applications these would work with and find out if they work as good as they look.

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