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Gear Your Truck Correctly

Almost every RC truck out there has adjustable gearing, and gearing can have a profound impact on the performance of a truck. Get it right and you’ll smoke your friends when out bashing or throw down the fastest laps at the track. Get it wrong and you’ll be slower than that Plymouth Reliant driving old lady in the passing lane, or even worse, you’ll overheat your gear and smoke something expensive.

The Gears in Question
For electric trucks, gearing is usually altered via pinion and/or spur gear changes. On nitro trucks, the pinion is usually replaced by a clutchbell that can be changed. The spur gear can sometimes be changed as well. It’s important to note that changes in the pinion or clutchbell yield a much bigger difference than changes to spur gears.


Gear Electric Trucks Properly
The key to correctly gearing today’s electric trucks is by temperature. In fact, I will officially say this is the only correct way to determine you are not in danger of overheating and ruining expensive components such as the speed control, motor and battery.

I highly recommend buying a small infrared temp gauge. DuraTrax and Pro Exotics sell an inexpensive gauges as do a few other RC companies.

I suggest making sure your motor and speed control are never above 160 degrees F after a run. If the temps are at or above 160 degrees F, a pinion change is in order.

LiPo packs should not be exceeding 130 degrees F after a run. If your battery is overheating, you may need to change gearing, install a motor that draws fewer amps, buy a battery with a higher C rating, buy a battery with a higher capacity or do all of the above.


The Basics of Gearing
> Bigger pinion = faster top speed, slower acceleration, more heat, less runtime

> Smaller pinion = Slower top speed, faster acceleration, less heat, more runtime

And to a lesser degree:

> Smaller spur gear = faster top speed, slower acceleration, more heat, less runtime

> Larger spur gear = Slower top speed, faster acceleration, less heat, more runtime


Additional Changes
While most gearing changes will be done via a pinion or clutchbell change, other changes also impact the final gearing of the truck.  One of the most overlooked changes is tire size. While on-road racers using foam tires are well aware of how tire size impacts performance just like changing a pinion, many truckers are unaware that bolting on taller tires has the same impact as installing a pinion with more teeth.

An additional aspect that is often overlooked is ring and pinion gearing in trucks with solid axles such as Axial’s Wraith, AX10 and SCX10 vehicles. Axial offers ring and pinion sets in different ratios that can be used to speed up or slow down a truck.





Pro Exotics

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  1. I really appreciate this. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again!

  2. I bought the Slash vxl 2wd just over a month ago. Since then I have made a few modifications; however, the one that seems to be causing me the most trouble is the tire upgrade. I went with the 2.8 Pro-Line Trenchers. I still had the stock gear ratio in place the first time I ran them and my truck kept shutting down because of the heat. I have since learned that my motor is shot because the heat broke the epozy seal that holds the magnet in place. I am putting a new motor in tonight but wanted your opinion on what gear ratio I should be running with the 2.8 trenchers. I am just a lowely basher so top speed isn’t necessarily as critical for how I drive the truck.

    1. I would start by going down two teeth on the pinion. Again, temp is the only way to make certain you are geared correctly. Run the truck and keep checking the temp of the motor. It should never exceed 160 degrees F

      1. I bought a electric rustler and burnt up the motor so I bought a arrma 2050kv BLX 4 pole and have a losi mxPRO esc, I need to know what gears (pinion and spur) I need. I’m going to be running more on an open road than anything and want top speed more than anything. What would you recomend?

        1. My advice is to start with the stock gearing and get a temp gauge. Get a baseline temp and see if you have to go up or down on the pinion. It’s very hard for someone to say this gearing will work for you. Battery, tire size, and ambient temp all factor in. Driving style does too.

    2. I have a slash 4×4 I put on 2.8 proline mashers but put a good motor and esc fan on it has standard gears 13/54 no troubles with the heat only issue is when I put it on drag race track with street fighters the ballooning of the tyres at top speed causes itto mono and flip

  3. Matt,
    I have a CPE Barbarian monster truck.
    It’s equipped with Axial Wraith drivetrain.
    The axles have 13/43 ratio in them.
    The transmission has an RRP, 80 tooth spur/slipper combo on it.
    Currently using a 24 tooth pinion.
    Currently using a 3800kv 4 pole motor.
    Will be upgrading to a 4600kv 4 pole motor.
    Running stock Clodbuster tires.

    What would be a good pinion to run, with the 80 tooth spur, that is kind of an intersection between throttle off the line & top end speed ?

    1. Start with the stock Axial pinion and check the temp. The Clod tires are taller than stock Wraith tires, so the setup is like running a larger pinion. If you don’t have a handheld temp gun, you need one. Start with the stock setup and use temp to find the right gearing for your setup. Check out this article for info on gearing by temp

      When you switch motors, you’ll have to start over.

  4. I was wondering what spur and pinion I should run in my stock wraith. Also within 15 mins of running stock spur stripped. Should I upgrade 2 metal?

    1. You can, but it’s not 100% necessary. You can replace the bad gear with a stock gear and make sure the gear mesh is set properly and that the slipper is set properly as well.

  5. Q: I recently installed a 4600KV into my buggy. FULL metal trans,54S/14P Wraith Trans. It currently has Integy aluminum AR60’s. Not to sure of the ring and pinion. Would it be ok to go with the OVER/UNDER gears? If so, what would it be? Thanks in advance.

    1. Next question: Are the internal gears interchangeable with the stock Axial gears? If so, I wouldn’t worry too much about over or under driving a Wraith, but I would pick up Axial’s spiral cut heavy duty gears.

  6. Hi Matt,
    Appreciate your advice on the pinion/spur ratio on two scenarios please(Axial SCX10):
    1. Tyre 1.9, spur 87T(48P)
    2. Tyre 2.2 spur 87T(48P)
    3. Tyre 1.9 spur 80T(48P)
    4. Tyre 2.2 spur 80T(48P)
    Motor used: TeamPower XPS sport 10.5T brushless.

    I tried 23/80 with 2.2 tyre, motor is too hot( didnt measure but finger touched only managed 1sec).


    1. First, make sure everything in the drivetrain is spinning smoothly. That way you know it’s the motor and gearing combo that is causing the heat and not binding in the drivetrain. That’s a lot of motor for a SCX10. Go with the 87-tooth spur and try a 15-tooth pinion. Do you have a temp gun? Also, can your motor and speed control handle 3S? I ask because you may need to go to a 12-tooth pinion, which is the smallest that will work with the 87-tooth spur. That ratio and the 3S will give more of a low-geared, high-voltage setup and is easier on equipment and keeps temps low. All of that said, a 10.5 is more of a racing motor and may be hard, if not impossible, to get to work as you’d like in an SCX10, especially if you’re running in grass, mud or trying difficult obstacles–basically anything but cruising on smooth ground.

  7. Hi I have a slash 2wd with 2.8 mashers.
    I cut my chassis down just like a stampede.
    I also just installed a 5900 kv motor from onyx.
    My question is what would be a good place to
    Start on the gearing? Everything I have tried makes
    The motor overheat. What do you recomended.

    1. Well, first I’d suggest removing the motor and making sure the drivetrain spins freely. Next, install the motor with the smallest pinion you have and pay special attention to gear mesh. That may all be old news to you, but it’s worth checking. Last, I’d run it and check with an actual temp gun, so you can see exactly how hot is hot.

  8. Hi, I have an ols school Losi XX4We and I am having issuses, hopefully you can help. I have replaced all three belts, rebuilt both diffs, new gears and bearings are in good order, it has proper size tires on it as well. I have a TRINITY CHAMELEON 2 PRO 19T running 84/17-19 and I recently upgraded to a 7.4 30c lipo and was running a novak rooster and gts, I have burned both of them up. From what I have been reading I have the proper gears on,but both were HOT!! what could be my issue???

  9. No I do not have a temp gun, but I am sure that they(motor & esc) shouldn’t be blistering hot after 5-10 mins. though. I don’t see spending $50-100 on a decent quality temp gun. I will not buy the Chinese junk for 12.99-14.99 on ebay.

    1. I hear what you’re saying, Edward. I could see avoiding the auction site finds where it’s hard to tell quality, but most temp guns used in RC will be made in China. Duratrax sells an inexpensive little unit that works well. In the past, people thought of temp guns as a nitro-only tuning tool, but it’s a must-have for modern electric setups.

      A temp gun will let you know if you’re dealing with 180°F or 200+. In one case, we may have a small issue. In the latter, it may be a bigger problem.

      Anyway, step one with temp probelems is to make sure the drivetrain and gear mesh are not the issue. If there is no binding in the drivetrain and the gear mesh is right, we can start investigating other issues. It is always best to start with a small pinion and work up–seeing how the vehicle temps react to small gear changes. Also, that motor may not like running off LiPo voltage for ten minute runs.

  10. Right on, I have checked my drivetrain and there was some resistance, so I took care of that and put my smallest pinion on the motor-13t, hopefully not too small, and work from there. I will get a temp gun in a couple wks when I get paid next, hopefully then I will get my problem taken care of.
    What about the esc’s burning up, could taking care of those issues w/ drivetrain and motor resolve that problem at same time???

    1. Yes, they are likely all interconnected. Not to beat a dead horse, but the temp gun will be a big help as it will allow you to see what is heating and when.

      Also, what type of terrain are you running on?

  11. The terrain is a mixture between asphalt, hard and soft dirt and some grass. All flat bc I live in central Florida. And temps have been in the mid 90’s almost every day, fyi. I have holes cut in strategic spot on the body to allow airflow and I will be putting a heatsink on motor as well.

  12. sorry for the miscommunication, I had just got up. I mean’t to say that I was running on mainly asphalt and dirt/sand and occasionally grass to get out of way of cars. I appreciate the help.

  13. In the chart it says bigger pinion more heat and smaller spur more heat. Does the heat pertain to the motor heating up? Or the ESC? I am having trouble with my Novac Ballistic over heating the ESC. I currently have a 83 tooth spur and 18 tooth pinion.

    1. It means more heat possible in all components. Heat incases are usually first noticed in the motor, but these gearing changes will impact all electrical components in the power system–motor, speed control and battery.

  14. I have a Traxxas telluride 4×4. Stock spur is 83T with a 12T pinion. (48Pitch gears)The High stall slipper was giving me issues so I swapped it out for the 54T (32Pitch)spur with a better slipper clutch. Now my question is what size pinion/spur combo should I use for Bigger tires, 35T motor, in a Crawler setup? I want to use the truck for crawling not for speed.

    1. I recommend running the slipper a little tighter than normal. I also recommend starting with the smallest pinion you can find. Next, I’d fill the differentials with the thickest silicone fluid you can. Talk to your hobby shop and see what they can order. Go thick. Or lock them with Silly Putty. Locked diffs will kill steering, but give a significant performance boost on the rocks.

      1. Hi Mat i have a serious problem with my rc monster truck it is a brontosaurus 1/10th scale. i upgraded the motor to a 4300kv brusheless motor and a 60a hobbywing combo the same pinion was used that was on my 540 brushed motor. now the problem the motor is trembleing before deciding to go if you use the throttle hard then it takes of like a bullet but if you press it softly it trembles and even starts goging. please can you assist with this matter.

        1. It’s a sensorless system, right? The speed control just doesn’t know where the motor is in its “cycle” so to speak. It’s basically blind and has a hard time starting the motor correctly. Think of it like a full-size car with a serious misfire. As I’m sure you’ve heard, in RC, we call this cogging (technically not the correct term, but it’s what we use). Try a much smaller pinion and see if that helps.

  15. Hi Matt,I’m from Curacao and I do race touring 1/10 but now i need help for gearing my buggy I dragrace with it

  16. Hi ,matt I got a traxxas monster truck it has a 90 spur gear on it if I want to make it go faster will I put a higher gear or a lower gear

  17. I have a Traxxa telluride 4×4 and I have installed the Vxl 3s system and I’m not sure if I should change the gearing. I use it for speed on pavement and off-road but not extreme offroad more of backyard offroad.

      1. No just its seems like the acceleration is too high I’m afraid if I run it like this it will break an axel or driveshaft

  18. Hi there. Im having trouble figuring something out. Can putting a load on a car when it is geared high break it? My car is geared 14t to 54t spur and I love going up rocks and threw mud slowly. And up steep hills. It handles it well but do you think I could be damaging anything? Can you break a brushless by putting it under to heavy of a load or will it just stop spinning if you over do it?

  19. Im also running 2.8 trenchers and its a slash 4×4 with a 2650kv and 150amp esc.in case the details matter. All of my temps stay below 120f. Even when gasing it. The motor will shutter sometimes when im stuck on a rock and im going slow. Is that bad for the motor or is the shutter just because brushless motors arnt ment for crawling?

  20. I have a Stampede regular old Stampede, I was wondering what gear ratio i should have if im going to put on Proline 2.8″ tires on the rear and front. It is rwd, and im having a hard time going over things that i want to run over/jump.

    1. Hi, Jacob. Since the Pro-Line 2.8 tires will most likely be less than a half inch taller than the stock tires, I’d make the change and run it before making any gearing changes. I really only suggest making gearing adjustments based on motor temperature. While you could spend hundreds on a temp gun, I have seen temp guns for less than $20. If the running temps are fine and the increased traction from the Pro-Line tires doesn’t solve your performance issues, you might need to look at other areas of your ‘pede. Locking the rear differential might make a huge performance difference as it will make good use of the Pro-Line tires. You may also need to check into the condition of your motor and battery. If you describe in greater detail how your truck is having a hard time going over obstacles, we can help you better. Thanks for visiting RC Truck Stop!

  21. I have a traxxas summit and the one bearing that goes on the end of the axle carrier went bad and i had an extra one and i took the old one off and i had a hard time and the new one wont go on all the way. Any tips?

    1. First, confirm that you have the exact size. Was the old one hards to remove? You may have some oxidation that’s making it stick. I would use a Scrotch Brite pad and clean the axle shaft. Make sure you clean the axle shaft before sliding the bearing on.

  22. Hello I’m new to rc I have a Losi mini 8ight the buggy not truggy I was wondering what pinion/spur should I use I’m a basher I run it on dirt a lot on construction sites right now it’s on a stock set up i replace the spur because the pinion chewed it up I was thinking I should try the 14t Robinson racing pinion and the HR 60t spur or what would be a good combination for a basher thank you in advance

  23. Hi Matt,
    I watched this video and it was great info thank you .. I have a Arrma Kraton 1/8 Truggy .. It has a 2050 brushless in it with 12T Pinion and 50T spur . I have changed the tires to trencher x , I was wanting to get your thoughts on what would be the ideal pinion to run , I have the 12T , 14T and a 17T pinion .. I mainly Bash with my son and at times do some speed runs .. I am running 4s and 6s batteries from SPC Racing ..

    Thanks ,

  24. Good day to Sir Matt! I just bought a 4×4 slash LCG a week ago and I want to change the stock tires with 2.8″ trencher tires. I’m running it with 7600mah 2s lipo batt, stock motor and gearing. I have a cooling fan its for motor and ESC. What should I do to prevent the motor from heating up? I’m not into speeding up, I just want it to run around 40mph. Thanks in advance Sir!

  25. Hi there Mr. Matt! I have a slash 4×4 lcg, all are stock but I am planning to change the tires to Proline Trencher 2.8″. Should I change the pinion into how many teeth to prevent the motor and esc from heating up? I just what it to have a good torque with a speed of around 40mph. Should I also need to have a fan on its motor & ESC? Thanks in advance Sir Matt!

  26. Hey I’m Jake. I have an arrma fury with the 4600kv sidewinder 3 motor and esc. I’m currently running the 1.83 proline trenchers. Still have the stock 18t pinion to 87t sour. What is a good recommended gear ratio

  27. have a redcat everset 10 with 87 spur / 14 pinion wanting to have all around trail truck can you suggest a good setup i was going to 80 spur / 21 pinion am i on right track 3000 battery axial 55 turn motor

  28. hey Matt, i just bought a used wraith and im fairly new to crawling this being my first crawler. It came with a 27T electric brushed axial motor in replace of the stock motor and has the AE-2 ESC rock crawler drag brake. I plan on using a 2cell lipo with it, my question is what gear set do you recommend and what pinion/spur set do you recommend, im using it for crawling so id rather torque over speed. thanks for hearing me out.

  29. I am brand new at this and bought a redcat sandstorm as a beginner (bashing) and thought this would be a great start. So I bought this truggy on ebay. I did ok.$$. Here the thing it came with the onyx 80a esc and the onyx 5900kv brushless motor. Tons of extra parts. But no battery. I bought a 5000mah battery today from the local shop. Nice place super helpful. Truthfully I’m disappointed in the performance of my truck. I was expecting a lot more..no way it wil cLear the drive way full throttle (15ft max).. I have 4 different gear setups I am going to tryout tomorrow. My biggest concern is that the battery isn’t big enough to push the motor. What would you recommend for the proper size battery??

  30. Hey I have a slash 4×4 with a sidewinder 8th and 2200kv
    I started at 18/54 on 3s
    Motor was hot and esc cool

    My lhs told me I may be under powering it on 3s
    So I dropped to 16 tooth and now run 4s

    Do you think that gearing will be alright

  31. Hey,

    So i have a kit built yeti xl; im running a 2650kv 1512 castle motor with the mm2 esc and a big glitch buster, dual 5200mah 30c lipos. Im experiencing an issue with my esc building heat when i run it flatout on my little track.

    As far as gearing, im running a stock spur and a 17tooth pinion. Would a 15 tooth help drop the temps?

    Thanks in advance.

  32. I just recently got back into rc. I bought a skully for my 5 yo and he loves it. Well I pulled out my old stuff to get something going to drive with my son. I have an old school hpi nitro mt and am tired of messing with nitro. I put diff support from a bullet St/mt on it which has a motor mount. I’m running a traxxas 12t/xl5 combo on it for now and curious about pinion. The stock hpi gearing is 12/52. I thought 12 might be a little too much on the little titan but 9t mod 1 pinions are the smallest I can find. Thoughts or suggestions?

    1. I just converted with the same motor/esc on an old Nitro MT. The 12/2 combo gets the motor and battery hot. What pinion did you end up going with? I have a 9T but will need to go with the mount you did to get the gears to mesh. I cut the old center gear housing and my motor mount will not get close enough to the spur.

  33. Have a rustler with mamba max and a six cell What a Gud set up for drag racing I’m running a 28 pin and 54 spur I only have 132 ft

    1. Here’s the deal: if you’re truly only drag racing, you can get away with a fairly aggressive gearing without risk of cooking your gear. That said, I still recommend using a temp gauge to determine gearing. I really can’t say that enough. Using a temp gauge saves equipment. Now, since you’re only doing short bursts, I’d be willing to gear for temps of 160 F on a longer run. On a short drag race, it won’t get any where near there.

      The 132 ft distance is pretty short, so you will most likely be accelerating the whole distance if you go with too large of a pinion.

      If you want to win any and all drag races, I’d upgrade to a speed control that can handle 3S (4S if you’re crazy) and a wheelie bar.

    1. Judging by your screen name, I’m going presume we’re talking about a Rustler, which has a gear differential. There could be a lot of factors, so let’s eliminate a few variables. Does your truck track straight at medium speeds? If it doesn’t check the trim and make sure the steering, in general, isn’t the issue. Make sure you don’t have a bent steering link or any bind in the steering. Also, spin both front tires and make sure both spin equally well. A bad front bearing can throw off steering too. Next, pick up the truck and carefully give it throttle like yo were pulling off the line. You want to make sure the steering doesn’t glitch. Now, it probably is exactly what you expect. The differential is not evenly distributing power to the rear wheels. Before buying the upgrade ball differential, I’d try packing the gear differential with some really think grease. Try that and let us know if it solves your problem. Good luck and thanks for checking out RC Truck Stop.

  34. And people keep saying change the gears bit I’m new to this and don’t really know where to start lol I know this is a trial and error learning that’s y it’s a hobby so any input on the gears and clutch would be greatly appreciated

    1. Don’t worry about upgrading the slipper. Just make sure the one you have is adjusted properly. Since you have a temp gauge, I’d start by following the tips and techniques described in this article. The gear you’re going to be changing is the pinion gear, which is the metal one attached to the motor. The spur gear–the bigger plastic one–is more for fine tuning. If your motor is running at over 140 degrees F, go with a smaller pinion. If your motor is running a lot less than 140 degrees and you want to go faster, you could install a larger pinion gear. Just keep checking temps.

  35. I have a traxxas slash 2wd vxl brushless and I want to do wheelies but I also want it to be fast what do I need to do to my pinion and spur gear

  36. Hi, I have an HPI Blitz that will be running a Trackstar v2 10.5 3200kv motor and a Hoobyking 60a Xcar esc, it has an 88t spur and I have a 17t pinion, does that seem like the right place to start?

  37. Hi I just got into the whole RC world and it seems rather fun but I have a question I have a brushed 2WD slash and I want bigger tires on it so I am getting stampede tires for it do u recommend any gear changes its stock gearing on it now thanks

    1. Hey Chris,

      The 2WD Rustler and Stampede are very close to the same. The slightly bigger stampede tires on a rustler could be run, but gearing the pinion down 1-2 teeth would be best for performance and battery life. What surface do you plan on driving? In other words, Whats the reason for bigger tires? terrain (onroad/offroad), looks? Either way some minor gearing change up would need to be done for best performance.

      1. Well for grass and dirt mud lol..I just ordered an 11t pinion hope this will be ok? And another question what the biggest 2S battery I can use I have a 5000mah 25c 2s

  38. I am currently running a stock lgc slash 4000 mah lipo 30c with a 23/86 gearing, I would like to get more speed coming out of the corners,I run a short course carpet oval, any help what I should do????

  39. Hi Matt, I have a Team Associated 1 10 Apex with stock 28/66 gears. It came with a Reedy 3300kv 3s capable esc and motor. I want this car to be my speed run missile. I bought the Castle sv3 with 5700kv motor. Any suggestions on gearing? I plan on running 3s, and just to satisfy my need for speed. Thanks for any help,

  40. Hi, i have a question, if i changing the pionion do i need to change the spur gear aswell? Like now, my pinion is 17 and spur is 21, if i change to 15 pinon do i need to like change the spur to 23? Or can i keep it the same?

      1. i have a arrma fury 2wd with sidewinder combo 3800 /battery 8.4v 5000mah my speed is atlist 35mph////what can i do to make it faster atlist 50mph

  41. Hello Matt. I have a traxxas slash 2wd, I have 2.2 tires and have been going through motors like CRAZY!!! Already on my 5th motor since December. Have been using a 20t motor in it with 14:86 gearing. I don’t race or go that fast I just like to do trail runs and stuff like that. I don’t know what I should do! What motor and gearing should I get for my truck. if you could help me that would be great

    1. So, you have 2.2 rock crawling/scale tires? Before you start trying every pinion gear at the hobby shop make sure there is nothing else wrong with the drivetrain of your truck. Take off the pinion and make sure the drivetrain spins easily with no real resistance. Finding the right gearing is a little bit of trial and error. Try 14-tooth pinion with the stock spur gear. Make sure the gear mesh isn’t too tight.

  42. I have a 100% original redcat sandstorm roller. I put a 120A esc with a 2s 5000mah battery that ranges 50-100c. I then bolted on a bl 5200 brushless motor. It gets a little bit toasty in there. What do I do? (Note that the bottery and esc are almost cold, but the motor is hard to keep a calloused finger on for 5 seconds after a 10 minute run)

  43. Have a 4×4 ecx torment with a 38kv motor brushless set up. Im running with the stock spur gear what kind of pinion gear would go best with this set up.

  44. I have a rolling chassis 2wd Traxxas Slash.
    I’m running Traxxas funny car slicks on the rear.
    What is the best pinion/spur gear setup for top speed (60mph) on asphalt?
    (No bashing. Just short speed runs)
    Running Castle 2400k motor. 4s lipo.


    1. I’d suggest gearing your Slash 4X4 with a pinion slightly smaller pinion than what is included with the Traxxas Stampede 4X4 VXL, which has a 3500 Kv motor. Traxxas’ website is down at the moment (at least I can’t connect with it), so I can see how the Slash 4X4 and Stampede 4X4 gearing compare.

  46. I recently upgraded my 2wd Slash to Velinion brushless but my pinion was stripped. I put on the 24t but left the 90t spur. Is this completely jacked up? I mostly want bottom end and not as much top speed.

    1. If you want “low end,” I’d suggest a smaller pinion than 24-tooth. That said, if you’re getting the performance you want and the electronics aren’t getting too hot, go for it. In my opinion, it’s all about the temps.

  47. So fairly new at this I purchased a stampede 4 by 4 not the VXL just a standard 4 x 4 I would like my car to go faster I have a 12 turn motor and my opinion is a 9 tooth upgraded 2 more teeth and I see no difference I do see a difference in my motor to what can I do to make my car go faster I am going to try to change the tire size to see what that does but everything else is stock on the car I run stock batteries stock motor which is a Titan 12 turn motor what can I do to upgrade without having to change the motor please need help

    1. If you’re not already running a 2S LiPo, I’d consider that investment. Fair warning, not all Titan 12T motors like running LiPo. I’ve had good luck, but I’ve seen a few wear out quickly with LiPo power.

      Taller tires will make you faster, but it’s the same as going to a bigger pinion, so the motor can get hot. Also, taller tires are also bigger overall, which can add a lot of weight. This weight puts a lot of strain on a motor.

      Personally, I stick to small gearing changes and save up for a LiPo and brushless setup. When you’re ready go 3S with a low Kv motor setup instead of going with 2S and a high Kv motor.

  48. Would a 31t pinion and a 83t spur be okay to run on my rustler vxl and what’s your suggestion on gears for top speed on a rustler vxl with a 2-cell 5800 mah lipo battery?

    1. A 31-tooth pinion is what Traxxas suggests for maximum speed. They suggest using it with a 76-tooth spur, so your 83-tooth spur would be slightly less aggressive. I really mean only slightly; there isn’t a big difference between the two spur gears. So, can you run the 31-tooth pinion with a 83-tooth spur? Yes, but watch those temps. Also, I’m not sure the will fit, so you may have to go with a smaller spur (which will make your truck even faster). Also, a 5800 mAh pack provides a lot of runtime and that setup will eventually get too hot. The setup you’re describing is for speed runs only.

  49. I have a 1/10 E-Revo VXL 4×4 and I recently upgraded to bigger tires. It worked great at first but now it will stall when I punch full throttle. I would like to know if its a gear problem or if I have something else wrong.

    1. That’s a hard problem to diagnose with the info given. How big are the tires? Slightly bigger tires shouldn’t be an issue. Does it stutter or completely lose power?

  50. I’m pretty new here with the electric traxxas slash…i had a gas one back in 07 but i didn’t keep it long and i didn’t change any of the gears around…i am looking for something that is going to work well on dirt and street…i would like to have a decent acceleration and a good top end speed….im running a 24 pinion and a 90 and 86 spur…which one will i get the best out of it…i have a brushless motor with a 2s lipo in it…thanks, Dave

  51. What gear ratio should i run to keep my motor cool and be right in between with torque and speed?

  52. I have a traxxas slash 2wd and I acciedentally blew the motor. What motor should i buy for under 100$ for high speed off- and onroad bashing?

  53. I’m running a 1/8 truggy running 6s soon to be 8s,tires are proline’s 3.8, gearing is 47t spur & 21t pinion the motor & esc gets real hot then it shuts dwn what’s a gd gearing to use to keep it from over heating keep in mind I want to keep the speed tho

  54. I’m running a 1/8 truggy running 6s soon to be 8s,motor is a 6pole 1950kv,tires are proline’s 3.8, gearing is 47t spur & 21t pinion the motor & esc gets real hot then it shuts dwn what’s a gd gearing to use to keep it from over heating keep in mind I want to keep the speed tho

  55. I ran into an ossue butning up my esc. I suspect it was speed run gearing but im not sure. Running an XO1 configuration with 34/46 gearing on 6s and it ran great in my 1/8 buggy on road. As soon as i took it to grass i didnt even get half throttle and the esc died. The thing is the temp was only 94 degrees on both the esc and the motor so nothing was hot. The only other thing i can conceive is i had some sort of ripple effect that took out the capacitors and then the esc before i knew what hit me. Besides that scenerio potentially a faulty or defective esc. All parts including batteries were brand new and had an hour total run time the previous day. Thoughts?

  56. I recently purchased an electric Redcat volcano epx pro brushless, ever since I got the truck I keep on hearing a rubbing/grinding metal noise coming out of the motor or rear gearbox area, I’m new at this hobby so I can’t find the problem, is it normal?

  57. Matt: I’m running a rustler Vxl stock motor, anacondas with a 3s 20c 4000 lipo and I also have about 3.5 oz up front. I’m looking for the gearing sweet spot. I don’t bash I really only run street and I’m thinking the 31/76 will overheat and the 28/83 is a little slow what do you recommend for a all around good top speed,fair acceleration, but heat allow me to get though a full battery run.

  58. My stock ESC and RC4WD just fried. I want to have a tow/general fun off-road vehicle. Running 2.2 tires at the minute. I want a 55T or higher turns to give me the crawl ratio. Can you tell me what the transmission needs to be set at?

  59. I have a traxxas slash ultimate. According to telemtry,my motor is running 200 degrees. Although,never have had a thermal shutdown. That’s with 2.8 trenches. I went back to stock tires,telemtry read 175 degrees. I switched clutch out for center diff. Seems to handle a lot better.also went with traxxas hd cvds. Truck is very fast with stock gearing. I’m just trying to get a grip on what gearing to run with trenches,I don’t know what pitch to get…. Just wanted your input,so not to burn up my brushless 3500 velinium.Motor has plenty of power.. I do have cooling fan on esc. Also running 7200 mah 60c Lipo.

  60. I have a traxxas stampede 4×4 vxl with redcat 8e wheels and tires huge like e revo tires and wondering what gears I shoukd run I run in grass I dont have a heat gun

  61. I have a Vaterra ascender and I changed the motor from a 35t to a 27t. Should I change the pinion to have it the way it was before? Meaning the way it was geared.

  62. I have the stampede 2wd…its only the traxxas 12t motor. I bought this truck used a while a go and it only came with one pinon gear (the mounted one). So iv been driving it for some time and i am wondering if i should change the gearing on it. It is a 16 tooth pinon and a 90 tooth spur, I dont race i just bash i drive on and of pavement lots of dirt, grass, gravle, ect. should a change my gearing? the motor does get hot but i dont know exactly

  63. Hello. I have a Slash Ultimate with a Castle Sidewinder 8th esc and a 60,000 rpm motor. I run 4s lipo on it currently. What type of gearing ratio should I switch to to get the maximum speed and torque combo possible?

  64. I have a question about batteries. I’m new to this so please bare with me. I purchased an Arrma Kraton 6s BLX with the sole intention of putting a camera gimbal on it. DJI Ronin with a DSLR which all together will ad approx 10 – 15lbs to the truck. I’m not looking for race anything… I need smooth exceleration and most importantly long run time. I will not be needing to go over 25mph… more than likely the majority of shots will be smoothly traveling at a brisk walking pace. so when it comes to batteries I want to spend the least amount of money possible while still getting good run time. In other words: for a full day of production, more batteries that can be charging on the side for replacement when the one in the truck dies is optimal.

    Really need advice on the lowest cost batteries I can purchase that will run on this truck while giving me decent run time. I know nothing about modern chargers either if you could help me with that? Also, of course, any advice on gearing or motor setup is absolutely welcome.

    Thanks for any help.

  65. What’s the best setup for the 1/10 e revo.. I changed the spur gear to the extra spur gear it comes with believe it’s a 54t I think and it ran like a champ till I blew the stock tires out..so I went with the SRC ALL TERRAIN got 2 full runs in and it just cut off…sense the tires were bigger then the stocks do u think that’s what blew the esc

  66. Waiting on my replacement esc and motor from Traxxas and I will be buying a temp gage also but just want to make sure I get it right this time oh and I’m running 2-3s lipos so will like to keep the speed up..had it for 2 months haven’t burnt up no spur Gears or slipper clutches yet lol

  67. Just wondering about spur and pinion gear,have volcano epx pro 4×4 have stripped several gears. Several people have mentioned adjusting slipper clutch but there isn’t one. Someone told me to change both gears but not sure what to use. Do I change pitch and adjust gears to fit that. If I use standard pitch would that help.

  68. I’m running the mamba monster x 2200kv combo with 36t spur to 28t pinion and I keep over heating, would it be my gearing causing it to over heat?

  69. I’m running the mamba monster x 2200kv combo in my traxxas rustler with 36t spur to 28t pinion, could the gearing be causing my motor to over heat?

  70. I have a traxxas rustler with the vxl system. I run 2s and just put in 21/76 gearing. Will I be ok for bashing? Or did I be a it too tall?

    1. I ran my 2WD Slash on 25/72. You’ll be fine for bashing, but watch your temps, because that’s still a lot of speed.

  71. I have a traxxax xmaxx wondering if a 15th pinion and a 54th spur both m1.0 will work. I know the motor will have to be mo ed around the last two setups I have had ripped teeth off both gears and one setup stripped them clean

  72. Hi and I have a helion 10st xb I recently bought. I have upgraded the stock motor/escthat came with it to the sidewinder3 and crown 1406 series 5700kv brushless system. The car gets hot after about halfway through the battery(venom3600mah)causing the esc to stop the motor momentarily. I have not yet changed the stock gears and was wondering what I need to do to cool it down and also gear it to where I can still maintain some soeed. I use it on and off road. Alot of driving in front on my house on the street and lawn. I do occasionally take it to the rc track and bmx tracks.

  73. Hey matt thanks for all this great info. So I got a redcat blackout xte brushed with the 550 put a goolrc 45a ESC and 3560 9t brushless on 3s 50c. Stock tires and pinion and spur 18\55. Dont know what the axles run never looked or counted teeth the gool stuff I had in a vaterra twin hammers I built for formula off road type hill climbs had no issues with in it. The RcR ran great on road and was super fast with good pull off the line dont own a temp gage but know it was not too
    hot (could rest my hand on for longer then 10 seconds )I didn’t feel it was too hot no rolling resistance in the drive line spur mesh set with paper i took it to the beach had ten minutes of super fast flat sand runs and three 90 degree vertical black flip style 6 foot air jumps with the last landing on the roof rather hard with a bounce On to the wheels. With smoke coming from the motor A few moments later. Unknown variables are I have no idea how hot it was. The batt and ESC where not blistering. also No rolling resistance however a touch of toe in on left front wheel after the first sideways landing
    However Could not touch the motor question 1 is now did the sand burn the motor or did the impact jar the internal connections loose causing a short?
    Question 2; currently awaiting a replacement goolrc 60a ESC and 3560 3900kv with a 16t pinion just in case it was too much gear but if it fails can I run a 3660 3000kv 3s ESC motor combo with let’s say a 26-29t pinion a 2.8 tire combo and achieve the same speeds or should I go 3660 3800kv ? If not what are your recommendations ( PS. Temp gun is in mail )

    1. I should mention I want the same from my new set up as the 45a setup and will do this one way or another but would rather save the time and effort and money starting around or near a level starting point

  74. Thanks for another great article. Where else could anybody get that type of info in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such info.

  75. Thanks for the great tips but maybe you can help me I’ve been trying to get my traxxas jato geared up to do a least 70 to 75 mph running the 3.3 motor so my question is what gearing should I be using as far as spur gear and pinion gear pleas can you help me

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