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Jeep Body Guide

One of the most popular off-road vehicles in the world is the legendary Jeep, so it’s of no real surprise that Jeeps are equally popular in RC. Check out this guide of officially licensed Jeep bodies and start working on your 1/10-scale Jeep wave.



Wrangler Rubicon (item no. 7182)
This 2-door version is designed for monster truck’s such as HPI’s own Savage, but is a favorite among scale enthusiats as well. It is molded out of 0.040″ Lexan and includes a molded in winch, decals, window masks and overspray film. It has a half top and exposed roll cage and large fender flares.

Wrangler Rubicon (104632)
Designed to fit larger monster trucks such as the HPI Savage XL, HPI’s latest Jeep offering, a 4-door version, is modeled after the newest version of Wrangler offered by Chrysler, the JK. As you’d expect, this molded Lexan body includes decals, window masks and overspray film.



1992 Cherokee (3361-00)
Pro-line’s second Cherokee body is recently released and designed to fit monster trucks such as the Traxxas T-Maxx and as such, its wheelbase measures out at 13.1″. Like all Pro-Line bodies, this big XJ includes a decal sheet, window masks and overspray film.

1992 Cherokee (3321-00)
Pro-Line lists this Lexan body as having a 11.8″ wheelbase and it has been a popular choice for many Axial SCX10 owners. Pro-Line also offers a Lexan interior (3337-00) and a floorpan (3339-00) that add a tremendous amount of scale realism. In addition to the clear body, in the bag you’ll find a decal sheet, window masks and overspray film.

Comanche (3362-00)
When most of us first think Wranglers or CJs when we think of Jeeps, but also remember the Cherokee. Pro-Line knows that the “other” Jeeps go beyond just the Cherokee. The Comanche is a replica of a 1982 to 1992 Jeep Comanche pick-up truck. The wheelbase is 12.3″ and Pro-Line includes a decal sheet, window masks and overspray film.

2009 Wrangler Rubicon (3322-00)
Pro-Line molded this Lexan body with a full hard top. To add more dimension than a one-piece mold allows, Pro-Line includes separate bumpers and taillight lenses that can be attached. Like the 1/10-scale Cherokee, it is made to work with a 11.8″ wheelbase. As is standard, Pro-Line includes a decal sheet, window masks and overspray film.

Wrangler (3336-00)
Modeled after the newest Wrangler body style, the JK, this Lexan body from Pro-Line is a 4-door or what Jeep calls an Unlimited. Like the 2-door version, it includes separate bumpers and taillight lenses for added detail. Pro-Line states the wheelbase measures out at 12.5″. And again, the body includes a decal sheet, window masks and overspray film.



Wrangler (9335171)
The Tamiya body in this guide is different from the others on two key points–it’s injection molded hard plastic and it’s a YJ (the original Wrangler). The body is exceptionally detailed and has a 9.9″ wheelbase. The tinted window set (9335170) is sold separately. Additional items are needed to further complete this body. Parts tree J (0115185) contains the mirrors, taillights and spare tire; parts tree K (9115062) contains the lenses and parts tree H (0005540) has the auxiliary lights. Screw bag B (9465476) may also be needed to finish off the body as Tamiya displays in on the box art.


Toy Bodies
Scale enthusiasts having been raiding toy and department stores for a few years now looking to get their hands on toy-grade RC trucks. They, of course, just want the bodies which are molded hard plastic and often fairly well detailed. With a little bit of work removing decals and a fresh coat of paint, these bodies can look very good. You can usually expect to spend between $50 and $100 for a 1/10-scale toy-grade RC Jeep with a decent body and there is a good variety out there.


Full-size Jeep Models by The Years

  • CJ (first generation) 1944 to 1986
  • YJ Wrangler (second generation) 1987 to 1996
  • TJ Wrangler (third generation) 1997 to 2006
  • JK Wrangler (fourth generation) 2007 to present






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  1. Pingback: Charles
  2. Which body would be a better fit for my Axial Wraith? The Wrangler Rubicon (104632)or Wrangler (3336-00)?


    1. Neither is an exact fit and both will require some creative trimming to fit properly. The HPI is just about wide enough to fit over the Wraith cage, but it’s a bit short. The Pro-Line has great details, but is narrow for the Wraith. It can be made to fit. It’s important to note that there are exact fit Wrangler bodies for the Axial Wraith. The Pro-Line Jeep Wrangler body (3380-00) is made specifically for the Wraith as is Axial’s Wrangler body that is offered on its new Poison Spyder version of the Wraith. The pre-painted body is part number AX04038. Axial has confirmed that a clear version (different part number) is coming soon.

  3. Matt – I’m 68 & just getting into RC-ing. I’m rebuilding my ’88 Jeep Comanche & I have a MINT 2006 Jeep Wrangler. I’d like to get a body similar to what I drive on the road. I am close to purchasing a Traxxas Slash VXL 2wd. Will either the Comanche (3362-00) or the 2009 Wrangler Rubicon (3322-00) bodies fit the Slash VXL 2wd frame from TRAXXAS ? I have not bought anything yet. From my research: I think I prefer Traxxas, brushless, and 2wd to keep the price down on my 1-st truck. I have 4 grandsons: ages – 14, 10, 8 & 4. As soon as I get this – they’ll be involved …. so 1 vehicle will cut be enough – if you know what I mean ?

    1. Hi, Al. The Pro-Line Comanche has been discontinued. And, just like the real deal, they can be found but are fairly rare. The Rubicon body you mention will be too small. The wheelbase is about 1.5 inches short. I would try this Pro-Line Rubicon body. It’s not the same as your real Jeep but it stands a better chance of looking right. HPI made a 2-door Rubicon body that I’ve seen used on a Slash. It’s discontinued, but pretty easy to find.

      I like the choice of the Traxxas because of the easy to use Training Mode, which it make it much easier for your younger grand kids to learn and much easier on parts. Also check out the Traxxas Telluride.

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