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Open Letter to IFMAR


Far too often the leadership in the RC community appears to be reactionary and playing catchup as opposed to being forward thinking and progressive. I am writing you, IFMAR, to encourage you to add short course as an exhibition class at the upcoming 1/10-scale electric off-road World Championship to be held in 2013 in the ROAR Bloc.

Stadium trucks and 1/8-scale truggies, while widely popular at times in the U.S., have understandably never had enough of an international following to warrant adding either to world championship lineups. Short course, however, is being raced at all levels all over the world from the United States to Australia to Japan to Canada and all across Europe. Short course is not an American-only class.

Don’t wait, embrace change and, most importantly, don’t miss the opportunity. The timing is right. We don’t need to make it more complicated than it really is. Be brave and make a positive addition that will draw in a large amount of interest from a large part of the RC community that does not currently relate to IFMAR and pro-level racing.



Matt Higgins
RC Truck Stop

Do you agree? If so, leave a comment below and say so. Do you think others may agree? If so, pass this along and ask them to come here and leave a comment.

Photo by Patricia M. Strickland

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  1. BRAVO MATT!!!

    Far too often sanctioning bodies fall into the role of insurance brokers and tally keepers rather than event promoters and do not move at the speed of the market. Even in the 1:1 markets I’ve seen this happen!

  2. I totaly agree!! Time to step up and show the world that sc is not a joke class like i hear at many races in Ontario, Canada..

  3. While i am not the biggest fan of short course racing myself,, i can not argue at all with how much impact it has had on the RC community,, if it was not for the SC craze that hit not to many years ago,, i think that racing may have hit a brick wall and come to an abrupt halt. So to back Matt’s suggestion, yes i believe that SC should have a standing with IFMAR.

  4. Though I’m not a SC fan boy,

    I think the SC classes have merit to be considered. Have the SC classes got big enough world wide for a grougp like IFMAR to automatically add that class(s)? That still remains to be seen, but there’s no denying that the SC’s have been getting more attention on a world wide scale.

    I still don’t know if it’s enough, but the tide looks to be changing in it’s favor. I think the hardest thing to do is getting the rest of the world, RC world that is, to see Truck racing as a whole as not just being an American type of class. I think that’s part of what has held it back for so long. At least as far as IFMAR goes.

    After that, it’s all about getting a schedule that will work. Right now the 1/10th Worlds is right at two weeks in length. That’s just for two classes, 2wd mod and 4 wheel mod. So they’d have to either shorten the schedule for those classes or lengthen the event schedule for another class or two. Either or both could be done, but what it will take to change the mindset of the powers that be is just a guess.

    There is another possibility. I read somewhere on the net about Tekin having some type of Worlds event that is not an official IFMAR Worlds event. This may just be the type of stepping stone that can put things in the right light to garner attention from groups such as IFMAR. If the event does well enough and has the support, it could help influence the mindset of the governing bodies. Not easy, but not impossible to do.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. I loved running Gearbox (1/10th Stadium Truck) But when the SCT came out, I was excited to get one. I think IFMAR should take it on. The class is big worldwide. 90% of local clubs and organization have a class for it, stock or modified. Lets go for it!!!

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with Matt Higgins and James Mikoliczyk’s (say that name 10 times fast lol) comments. THey both were very eloquent in their statements. Matt, thank you for drafting this open letter because it gives those of us who support SC racing a place to be heard! I wish you continued success. As James pointed out, it certainly presents it’s own logistical problems that would need to be sorted out, but as an Exhibition class, perhaps the field could be selected by accepting only 2 or 3 drivers from each current chassis manufacturer ie. Associated, Losi, Kyosho etc. to make up the field and give them one qualifier and a 10 minute main since it would be only an Exhibition class. Which drivers would be selected would be entirely at the discretion of the Factory Team Managers. This type of format would not detract from the other classes and would take very little additional time and resources to implement.
    ~Scott Kelly

  7. IFMAR would know best but are SCT’s really being raced world wide? If its a class that is run globally then it should be considered but I am under the impression that it isn’t with the exception of Australia.

    Also keep in mind, the World Championship is meant to crown drivers. Would adding this class change that landscape at all?

  8. Why wait? add it and see how it goes. i bet more people care who wins the 4wd sc class than the 4wd buggy class…just sayin

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