Keep Your Pit Area Organized

Have you ever been sitting at your pit and think “Where the heck is my 1/16″ hex wrench?” and then go through the whole pit area screaming for your wrench only to go back to your chair and find it under a pile of tires that are on the bench. Whoops.

Well, if you’ve had or a similar scenario unfold, it’s time to get things in order.

An easy way to keep wrenches in place is to get a scrap piece of wood and drill some holes in it to store your tools while not using them. This can be done for hex wrenches and nut drivers.

It is also a great idea to engrave or mark your tools in some other way such as a paint marker, so that if your tools do leave your area, you can easily identify them.

Using a fishing tackle box with removable plastic trays or plastic divided sewing boxes is a great way to keep screws, nuts, and spare parts in place. These can also be labeled with stickers or a Sharpie marker for easy identification.

You should only have on your bench what you need at that time. Anything else should be stored away until you need it. When working on your vehicle, it’s also a great idea to have a small plastic container to put screws and parts in so you don’t have to struggle to find that last screw that fell on the floor.

With a charger or two, a power supply, soldering iron and maybe some other devices, your pit area can quickly become a mess of wires. Grab some the Velcro straps used for organizing power cables at home and clean up your pit area. Not only will your area look cleaner, you’ll be far less likely to accidentally snag a wire and pull a charger off your bench.

If you take some of these small tips, you will see in the future that a clean neat and orginized area not only looks impressive, but will also make working a lot easier.

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  1. We pit between 3 to 4 guys under an Easy-Up. It starts organized but ends up looking like Occupy Wall Street by the end of the day

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