Truck of the Week: 1/8/2012 Axial Wraith

Tattoos and Pringles–they say once you get started, you can’t stop. If Bernie Horstkamp’s Axial Wraith is any indication, you can add RC modifications to that list. Bernie is from Saratoga, CA, and he hasn’t left much stock on his Axial Wraith. He boosted speed with a Novak Timbuk2 speed control Wraith Edition that includes a 13.5-turn Ballistic brushless motor. He powers it with a Traxxas 2S LiPo battery. His long list includes: a Savox high torque servo, Racers Edge aluminum servo arm, Vanquish titanium tie rod and drag link, Hot Racing billet aluminum upper and lower control arms, STRC front billet aluminum servo and upper control arm mount, STRC rear billet aluminum upper control arm mount, STRC front and rear aluminum shock mounts and lower control arm mounts, Vanquish aluminum C hubs, Axial aluminum steering knuckles, Vanquish rear aluminum lockouts, RC4WD XVD front universal joint axles, 110mm Sparks rock racing shocks, RPP beadlock wheels with 2.2 x 5.75 Micky Thompson Baja Claws, custom aluminum spare tire mount with matching spare, Poison Spyder differential covers, Hot Racing heavy duty beveled differential gears, STRC aluminum internal differential gear holders, Hot Racing steel transmission gears and steel pinion gear, Hot Racing steel output shafts and RC4WD Punisher steel drive shafts.

Bernie is also has a full-size Jeep Rubicon that is pretty sweet. He’s our kind of guy!




Hot Racing


Racers Edge







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