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Losi 22T RTR Brushless Stadium Truck

How about a brief history lesson? I promise I’ll be brief. When 1/10-scale electric off-road racing took off in the mid ’80’s, everyone raced buggies. fast forward and the most popular class these days is short course. In between there was stadium truck. This class was huge–everyone raced it. Thanks to short course, RC has seen a huge renewal in interest in 1/10-scale electric racing. It doesn’t take a fortuneteller to guess that the class that really stands to really take off again is stadium truck. All the qualities that made them popular “back in the day” are still there: they’re durable, easy to drive and look cool. There’s no doubt that a lot of racers who are new or have returned to racing will “move up” from short course to stadium truck or add it to their lineup.

When Losi wished to prove it was committed to racing, it launched the 22 buggy which was followed by the 22T stadium truck. Now, a ready-to-run version of the truck is available and it includes a 13.5 brushless motor and a Spektrum 2.4GHz radio system.

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    1. I thought the 22SCT should have been first, but the success of the XXX-SCT shows how much I know. There will be one, but as long as the XXX-SCT is one of the top choices in short course, I don’t see Losi rushing to replace it.

  1. As i was doing the build on my new 22t over the weekend,, that was one of the first thoughts to cross my mind. So with a big race comming up in Harrisburg Pennsylvania in less than a month i will be sure to dig into the TLR pit area and see if i can uncover anything!

  2. Matt im turning 11 and I am thinking of buying this truck ,I have had a bit of exprience with rc stadium trucks.Do you recommend it?Do you have any tips on what i should be looking for?

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