Top 5 Mistakes Everyone in RC Makes

People make mistakes. We all do. It’s what makes us human. Here are RC Truck Stop’s picks for the top 5 mistakes we all make–even us experienced know-it-alls.

  1. Battery Plugged In. You disconnect and remove the battery from your truck when you’re done using it, right? Even when switched off, many speed controls can still slowly drain a battery. Leaving a LiPo battery plugged when your RC ride is in storage is a surefire way to ruin that expensive battery. Because we get busy, this mistake is one we can all be guilty of.
  2. Radio Off First. Thanks to technology improvements, this issue is almost a thing of the past–almost. Many, but not all, of today’s radios have fail safe programming built in that prevents the vehicle from going into runaway bride mode if the transmitter is accidentally turned off before the vehicle is or if signal is lost. Even so, the order of operations that must be followed is: radio always turned on before the vehicle is turned on and the radio is always turned off after the vehicle is turned off. The transmitter is first on and last off.
  3. Nut Check. Not those nuts. Get your mind out of the gutter. Whether you bash or race, you should check your wheel nuts before hitting the dirt. Like leaving the battery plugged in, this isn’t just a rookie mistake. I’ve seen plenty of tires go straight when a vehicle goes left or right at the track.
  4. Wrong Battery. If you put in a dead battery by accident while out tearing up the backyard, it’s no big deal. At the racetrack, putting a dead battery means you’ll be dead in the water before the checkers fly. The fix is easy: use bread bag clips on the wires on charged batteries.
  5. Too Tight. There’s tight and then there’s too tight. All your screws and hardware should be properly secured, but you know that 1.5mm flat head screw? It probably doesn’t need one extra turn of the wrench after it’s snug. Resist the temptation. Resist the temptation. That extra turn won’t get the screw any tighter, but it will strip out the screw or snap the hex driver’s tip.





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  1. I would like to add one to the battery list,, to many times at the track i see guys with bullet connectors used to connect the battery to the speed control,, the result,, wires hooked up backwards and a cloud of stinky smoke pouring out of the speed control when turned on. Its always a good idea to have a connector like a DEANS to prevent this situation, they only plug in one way and will rid you of an expensive mistake.

    1. Ah, the bullets vs. connectors debate. The only reason bullet connectors are used is that old school racers, like us, were so used of snubbing connectors in favor of directly soldering the speed control wires to the battery each time we installed a pack. Racers feel bullet connectors are the closest thing to direct soldering and look the most “pro,” so they must be best. A major battery manufacturer said that the LiPo’s with bullet connectors actually had more resistance not less.

  2. i have lost wheels becuase the pin that the hex sits on fell out and i didnt notice the wheel wobbling around and it made the hole in the cent of the wheel to become to large and my wheel caught on a tree root and it pulled the wheel off the stub axle and nut and it destroyed the bearings

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