Speed Control Race Tuning: Drag Brake and Auto-Roll

These days most of the tuning talk in the stock classes about is about boost. When someone runs a non-boost class, they usually think there are no more tricks to be tweaked. The truth is there are many adjustments that can–and should–be made regardless if you’re running booth or not. Even better, the two settings that are described in this article are easy to understand and adjust.

Programming cards make changes at the track quick and easy.

Drag Brake
When racing first made the switch from brushed stock motors to brushless, one of the biggest differences racers could feel was the lack of a natural drag brake. Stock 27-turn motors have a natural drag brake. That is to say when the driver let’s off the throttle, even at neutral there is a brake sensation. This makes stock motors easy to drive. Brushless motors feel more modified motors, so you want to return to that stock motor feel, dial in some drag brakes. Drag brake is often helpful on tight, technical tracks.

Use throttle trim to adjust auto-roll.

If dialing in drag brake can help on a tight track, dialing in some auto-roll will help on tracks that are the opposite–big layouts with a lot of flowing corners as opposed to hairpins. Auto-roll is setting up the speed control so that not only are there zero drag brakes, but the truck actually slightly rolls when at neutral. After drag brake is dialed out of the speed control, auto-roll is adjusted by advancing the throttle trim on the speed control. Slowly change the trim until the truck rolls without adding throttle with the trigger. You’ll need to hold brake to keep the truck still, but once you get used to driving the truck, you should be able to carry tremendous speed through the corners.


Photo by JConcepts

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  1. Good key facts and tips here about these features Matt. So many times are these overlooked and I have used these from time to time when needed. The switch from stock brush to brushless is noticeable by speed of course, and most don’t really notice the more “free wheeling” effect. Take note, with no drag and “Auto-Roll” ON you will need to adapt your driving habits on throttle and brake timing between feature changes.

  2. This is my first time ever commenting on an article, but I had to let people know that this advice totally did the trick. Adding drag brake to my brushless motor system made it so much better. I highly recommend adding in a little drag brake

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