T-Bone Racing Traxxas Stampede 4X4 Rear Bumper Review

My Traxxas Stampede 4X4 sees a lot of abuse–often at a concrete skate park. The truck has been able to withstand an amazing amount of abuse, but one part that I have repeatably broken is the wheelie bar and the rear hinge pin mount it is attached to. The former has failed and taken the latter with it. I don’t fault the truck. When you’re doing numerous backflips off a quarter pipe and sending the truck about 20′ in the air, sooner or later, something is going to give. It just turns out the big wheelie bar sticking out the back is my truck’s weak link.

What I wanted was a simple bumper that was big enough to also function as a wheelie bar. I needed something that wouldn’t break when a big air landing went wrong. My search led me to T-Bone Racing who is best known for their variety of big front bumpers. In my neck of the woods, T-Bone Racing bumpers are popular with bashers and indoor racers running on carpet off-road tracks where high speed and unforgiving barriers take a toll of trucks. I was thrilled when I learned they made a product, the NM Rear Bumper (item no. 61200-C202) that was exactly what I wanted. Even better, they offer a wheelie bar attachment (80010-B209).

T-Bone Racing products are available at many hobby stores, but they also sell direct on their website. The NM Rear Bumper for the Stampede 4X4 is available on their site for only $15.67.

The bumper is made out of flexible nylon and a Delrin hinge pin mount is included as are Delrin spacers to fill the space under the rear diff when the stock wheelie bar setup is removed. The bumper wraps under the chassis and the leading edge is beveled.

As is often the case, the first test was installation. The process is straightforward and could even be considered easy. Just about anyone of any skill level should be able  to install the T-Bone Racing bumper. T-Bone Racing even includes instructions which is nice since many smaller companies simply forgo this. T-Bone Racing also includes all new metric hardware.

I first ran my Stampede 4X4 with the wheelie bar installed on the rear bumper. The wheelie bar is substantially wider than stock which actually makes the truck noticeably more stable while blasting away on only the rear wheels. The wheels used are actually rubber landing gear tires from Du-Bro, and they, as they are designed to do for RC airplanes, absorb the shock of slapping down on the wheelie bar.

Next, I removed the wheelie bar and blasted around. This is how I’ll most often setup my Stampede 4X4 since I often use the truck for hardcore bashing at a skate park and BMX track. After just one run it became quite clear that my previous problem had been solved. The hard plastic wheelie bar is long gone and the nylon after-market bumper that replaced it is holding up much better.



T-Bone Racing



To learn more about materials such as nylon and Delrin, click here.

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  1. Good review. I have the same truck but without the cage. What happened after testing? How is it holding up? Take care!

  2. Thank you so much for giving everyone the opportunity to read actual critical reviews. It is unusual in this day and age. keep them coming

  3. You’ve got the support for the bumper installed incorrectly. Take a look at the pictures on their site. The support tab goes on top of the transmission case, not under it.

    I have both the front and rear and am very happy with them. The front does get in the way a little with big tires like the 2.8 Trenchers.

  4. This is just what I need for my ‘pede. I’ve jacked up the wheelie bar doing slap wheelies off curbs onto my street.

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