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Dynamic Concepts Rubi Axial Wraith Body Review

The Axial Wraith is currently one of the hottest trucks in RC. It’s popular because it blends go-fast fun with real rock crawling prowess. And, of course, its aggressive looks pull most people right in. There was some concern within Axial that the unique look and construction of the cage and panels could make the Wraith hard to customize and that would hurt sales since owners wouldn’t be able to instantly make their Wraith standout by throwing a new body on it. That worry turned out to bear no fruit as Axial’s customers proved to be highly creative and we’ve been treated to many a standout Wraith.

While there is no shortage of unique Wraiths out there, there is a true shortage of body options. This could be because making a body to fit the complexities of the molded cage isn’t exactly easy. In fact, the Wraith’s chief designer, Matt Kearney, said making the body panels was one of the most difficult parts of designing the Wraith.

One company that has been offering options for dressing the Wraith is Dynamic Concepts. The first body they offered was a classic topless truck reminiscent of a Chevy Blazer. Their second offering for the Wraith has been dubbed the Rubi for its obvious inspiration. The Rubi doesn’t make your Wraith look like a SUV you’d see at the mall. No, it transforms it into the type of custom rig you’d see dominating at Potato Salad Hill or gracing the cover of Crawl magazine.

Part no. DC071201
Material 0.040″ Lexan
Price $35

The Rubi is appropriately described by Dynamic Concepts as a panel kit. That is to say, it’s not your typical one-piece body. The Rubi will be cut out in four pieces–the hood/grill, two side panels and a tailgate section. With a lot of demand for a functional hood, Dynamic Customs molded the hood so that could be an option. Dynamic Concepts includes over-spray film and pre-cut masks for the lights, grill and windshield, but no decals are included. Dynamic Customs includes instructions and it is highly advised you read them thoroughly.

I cut out the body panels before painting and applied liquid mask material, so that I could perform a three-color yet simple paint job. This part of the process is essentially no different than any other Lexan body. I drew my design on the outside of the panels and cut away mask to start painting the darkest color first. Again, no different than any other Lexan body.

The Rubi includes faint trim lines, but is best to heed the advice repeated in the instruction numerous times and leave some excess material when cutting. Also, make sure you don’t cut off the tabs on the top of the windshield frame or discard the four small body spacers.

Overall, I found prepping, paint and mounting the Rubi body to be no more difficult than any other body. That said, while I’m satisfied with how the body came out, I know I could get it much tighter and cleaner the second time around. You simply learn a few tricks when trimming and mounting the panels–that’s the part that’s a bit different than your typical body.

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, to those wanting a new look for their Wraith, the Dynamic Concepts Rubi is a dream come true. The mold quality and detail is as good as the larger companies and the end result looks great. The price is reasonable, and the Rubi can be ordered RPP Hobbies. Dynamic Concepts is an ambitious company that wants 2012 to be its breakout year–the Rubi is an excellent start.

Painting & Mounting Tips

  • Use liquid mask
  • Paint colors darkest to lightest
  • Take your time trimming and test fit as you go
  • Mark screw holes before painting


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  1. I just got and installed this body. I love it! I hinged the hood and it is so cool. I also put a hemi u.der the hood. I would recommend this body to anyone who wants a killer looking Wraith!

      1. I am not as computer savvy as I should be, but I will post some pics and let you know where. The hemi is 1/12 but looks perfect. Fits with only very minor mods. Ilove my Wraith!

  2. Can u please give me a link to where I can order this body. Will be a perfect add to my completed wraith spawn with the fast back conversion.

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