RC4WD Trail Finder 2

RC4WD has been supplying us with unique crawling and scale accessories for sometime now. They are know for having a huge variety and for working with variety of different independent designers. Kits, conversions and even RTR vehicles have been in the RC4WD line up as well, but everything has had more of a bespoke look and feel. It, however, now looks as though they have a pretty serious looking kit that appears to be more mainstream than previous offerings.

The new Traill Finder 2 kit includes some nice features such as a all-new 2-speed transmission, detailed hard plastic body, divorced and very scale looking transfer case, new drive shaft design and a lot more.

Learn more here.

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  1. I shop from RC4WD all the time. Lots of great products for sure! Personally I love the look of this kit, but my only issues with the kits from these guys is that they can be a little costly and there is always a limited supplyly. I haven’t looked into how much they are asking for this particular kit, but I can bet it isn’t cheap. Granted it is as durable as all their other RC parts and trucks, its hard “for me” to spend $400 on something that’s gonna need electronics still. With that said, I really think this kit will be a hit in the scale crawler community at a high cost or not…its just so dang cool.

  2. Now I’m not a “crawler guy” but this think looks to be right up my alley! It really takes scale realism to a whole other level. I especially love the vintage body. My first 1:1 4×4 was a super cheap used 1979 Datsun which looked just like this one – which appears to be a Toyota replica. When thing thing sees the light of day I may have to put my race trucks down for bit and branch out in a new direction. Very cool stuff.

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