Sponsorship–Do You Have What it Takes?

Most everyone who races does it because they enjoy the sport. Some racers want to take it to the next level–racing on more than just a having fun level. It seems that most drivers think that sponsorship is the route to take. Is there more to the world of sponsorships and getting paid to play than you know? Let’s find out. Since I was sponsored by a couple of major manufactures I will give you some of the things I have learned as a guide to the “sponsorship do’s and dont’s.”

Let’s start with the most common question is always asked: “What do I have to do to get sponsored?” Well, let’s start with this bold-but-factual declaration: you do not have to be the best driver in the world. Most companies are looking for someone to represent their product and represent it well. Yes, race results are important on the list, but being able to represent off the track is just as important.

Step one is to ensure you have a good reputation at the tracks that you race at. Get around and socialize with people; walk around and introduce yourself to the racers at the track. If you see someone at the track that needs some help, be there to offer some–even if it’s someone you’re racing against. If the race director is looking for volunteer marshals, be the first one to step up. You may think that these things have nothing to do with sponsorship,, but you’re wrong. Many companies will ask for references on an application or resume. Don’t be supriseed if they call your local track to do a little background check on you.

What should you have on your resume or application? Well, you’re going to have to give some basic personal info first. Next, give them an overview on what you are looking for out of the sponsorship. Be warned, you don’t want to sound greedy. Ask for anything that they have to offer you at this time and state that, in return, you will offer to represent the company in a professional manner both on and off the track. Provide them with a report on how long you have been racing for, what tracks you race at, what kind of finishes you usually produce and any major races you may have attended. I recommend that you put in a full season of one racing class and save as many of the results as you can, its always good to have printouts if you can get them.

Don’t be afraid to apply for any type or level of sponsorship. Many places will offer a discounted price on their products to start with and give you a review after a year.

If you do get a sponsorship, it’s very important to do your job as an advertising agent. Be sure to wear a shirt or hat and have decals on your vehicle to showcase the brand. Give them a monthly report on the products that you are using from them and your progress on the track.

Just remember, you don’t have to be a pro racer to get sponsors. So, should you be sponsored? Well, that’s all up to you!

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