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Traxxas Summit Gets a New Look

The Traxxas Summit is–as Traxxas puts it–an all-terrain vehicle. The big monster is well known for having differentials that can be locked and unlocked via the transmitter as well as a 2-speed transmission that functions in the same manner. Not only does this give the driver a heck of a lot of control, but it makes the Summit one of the most versatile and fun off-roaders in RC. It can go fast and bash, but flip a couple of switches and it’s crawling over logs, rocks and trudging through mud (it’s fully waterproof).

The Summit was also somewhat well known for having a rather simple one-color paint job–until now. Traxxas has giving the Summit a cool new look. The new aggressive paint schemes come in red, blue, black and a special Kawasaki theme.

Learn more here.

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    1. If you’re interested in the Traxxas Summit, I wouldn’t let this discourage you. Off the top of my head, I’m not sure exactly how fast the Summit is, but it isn’t slow. It certainly doesn’t feel slow.

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