Truck of the Week: 01/29/2012 Tamiya Lunchbox

We have a soft spot in our hearts for the Tamiya Lunchbox. It’s not too dramatic to state that this van is a profoundly perfect example of what this hobby is supposed to be all about–having fun! Plus, we have started turning wrenches on our own Lunchbox project. Aaron Wagner’s Lunchbox sports a very cool military theme, and he is actually hoping to race it with other vintage RC rides.

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    1. Duncan, I believe he just painted over them with flat paint. i would suggest scuffing the chromed plastic parts really well with a rough scrubbing sponge. Wash the parts really well and then paint.

  1. will go with the scuff and paint option for the chrome, still havent decided on color scheme for my lunchbox, at present its primer red, which in all honesty looks pretty good…
    what route did you go down with your LB…

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