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Tamiya Super Clod Buster Re-released

2012 is the 25th anniversary year of RC’s most famous scale monster truck, the Clod Buster, and Tamiya has re-released the Super Clod Buster. This truck features dual motors, 4-wheel steering and, of course, 4-wheel drive. The Super Clod Buster is available as a kit and now includes an electronic speed control.


Learn more here.

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  1. This! Started it all!!!!!!!!! Period. aside from a very brief discontinuance, it was tamiyas longest running model to date. I love my Clod, and will never! Part with it. 🙂

  2. I owne 4 clodbusters and i try to buy as many parts as i can . Im for one happy to see it come back this truck is why i got into R/C’s. With out this truck we wouldnt have what we have today. Everyone tried to make there own version on the Clod but most of them are long gone. And there was a ton of aftermarket parts for them in there hayday not so many now days. One company is still putting things out for the Clod and thats CPE. Crawford Performance Engineering. with out him the ClodBuster might have gone the way of other R/C’s. So now maybe the younger r/c’s well enjoy this truck years to come like i have. Charles

  3. I’m glad that they re-releasing the Clod again. As an owner of 21 of them and counting, wouldn’t want to see this truck gone. Just wish they would bring back the white wheels. Not everyone wants to run chrome wheels. I know I don’t! Might have to get one or two of these to support the Clod.


  4. I’m thinking of getting a Clod too, but besides the looks, I haven’t really got much info on what it can do or what type of terrain it excels in. Most forumers just talk bout mods.

    I have a Kyosho Nitro Crusher (it’s gears are mashed now) and 18 years ago, it was real fun to run. The O.S.21 RX-B engine is still mounted on the chasis, but not sure if it still works. The great thing bout the USA-1 is that it’s chasis never broke down no matter which tree I hit, and I used to hit everything. Mistake I made was I put in the wrong gear and the steel clutch bell ripped the plastic gears apart.

    Anyway, I’m wondering if the Clod will provide as much fun considering the scale of both are almost alike, except for the Clod being Electric.

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