Truck of the Week: 2/5/2012 Tamiya Clod Buster

We love a race Clod with a properly setup racing stance. No sky high bodies please. This is the 25th anniversary year of the classic Tamiya Clod Buster, which s cause to celebrate for the owner of this race machine, Mike Eaton. Mike is a diehard fan of the big trucks and his “Dark Knight” truck proves he knows what he’s doing. It features a PRP Berzerker chassis with modified 4-wheel steering. Mike uses dual HobbyWing EZRUN-60A brushless speed controls teamed with a pair of 6000Kv motors. Mike points out that kris of Darkside Designs took care of the custom paint scheme.



Darkside Designs



Team PRP

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  1. Nice work Mike!! Mike is a asset to the Hobby community and he is always there to lend a hand and offer up advice or answers to anyone who might have one. I have raced with him personally and he is a awesome competitor and a pleasure to have at our events. Plus how can you go wrong with a PRP Berzerker….haha!! Nice truck man!

  2. thanks! This is one of my favorites… just picked up a new ZRP clod chassis though that I am excited to build up. The gathering process is happening- already commissioned a body and looking for power plants! Clods rock the house, thanks again for the encouragement

  3. Great work Mike(Budhatrain) Mike always has great looking trucks.Keep up the wonderful work. and i well be looking for your next build.

  4. I’m new and still learning. I love reading everything that is posted on your website and really like the TRuck of The Week feature trucks. Keep the trucks coming. I loved it!

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