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Traxxas 1/16-scale Grave Digger

We can safely say that this one we saw coming and we have been asking Traxxas about it for a few months. Well, it’s official, Traxxas released a 1/16-version of Monster Jam’s famous Grave Digger! Good timing since this is the 30th anniversary of Dennis Anderson’s Grave Digger. It is based off the E-Revo platform, but is 2WD. It is fully upgradable to 4WD.

The 1/16-scale version is, like other Traxxas models, waterproof. It includes a Titan 12-turn 550 brushed motor for brushless-like performance.

In addition to a charger and battery, Traxxas includes a cool Grave Digger backpack.

Learn more here.

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  1. 2WD stock, kind of a fail in my books for a monster truck, but still way cool otherwise. At least it “can” be 4×4. I understand they had to save money on the 4wd feature and traded it in for a 10.00 wal-mart school bag. Lol. I see the others coming too, captins, mutt, Etc.

  2. Traxxas already has an affordable gravedigger !The monster jam series comes with bushings & 2 wheeldrive to save money They should have dropped a dime & gone the distance on this one EPIC FAIL! I would rather see my kids take a 16th revo & just put a digger body on em.Probably less work & cost than converting the 2x.JMO.

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