AJS Machine Axial SCX10 Speed Control Mount With Exclusive Interview

Mounting electronics on an Axial SCX10 can get a little tricky. There isn’t always room readily available for the gear you want to run, and it can go from tricky to downright complicated when you start adding accessories like winches. AJS Machine’s new aluminum speed control mount attaches to the frame rails. It’s pretty straightforward, but this simple piece can save you a lot of frustration and keep your electronics install from being hack. There are screw holes to mount items like on/off switches and notches to keep cable ties in place. There’s also plenty of surface area for servo tape to get a good hold on.

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If you really want to know more about AJS machine check out the interview below with the company’s owner, Aron J. Smith.

RC Truck Stop:
How long has AJS Machine been in the RC business?
Aron J. Smith:
I started in 2002. I have been in business 10 years and I think you are the first person to interview me.

RC Truck Stop:
What was your first RC product?
My first production RC product was a stand for the Traxxas T-Maxx .15. The T-Maxx was my first nitro RC and I was tired of chasing a truck that flamed out 20 feet from me. I knew I needed a warm up/tuning/wrenching/display stand to make my life easier.

RC Truck Stop:
What type of materials do you use for your products?
I use 5052 Aluminum for the stand cradles because it is machinable and bendable and 6061 aluminum for most of the other parts. I also use 1018 Steel and 304 Stainless in the car stands.

RC Truck Stop:
How do you decide what products to develop?
The T-Maxx Stands seemed to be selling, so I continued with the monster truck trend and made more vehicle specific stands. I branched out to the flat universal style stands when I became interested in touring cars, 1/8-scale truggies and buggies. My latest interest is crawling and mostly scalers like the Axial SCX10. The latest stand was designed for the solid axle crawler and scale trucks. I have been working on some accessories specifically for the SCX10 lately. I’m not trying to rebuild the entire truck with my parts. I pick a few areas where I think I can make something useful and unique. The trailer hitch and trailer were more of a fun project. I get my influence from my RC and full-size Jeep adventures. Depending on how much time I have and how excited I am about something is the deciding factor on what’s next to make. I make more than RC parts. So I’m constantly shuffling work around. I try to keep something new on deck RC wise because that’s what people know me for. I can’t really talk openly about the other machining work because it’s for a customer and not mine. Other RC companies have hired me to make prototype and production parts for their cars and trucks.

RC Truck Stop:
What’s next from AJS Machine?
The next new product on deck is probably the T-Maxx 3.3 Stand. Traxxas updated that truck so many times the latest model doesn’t fit my original stand. I feel like I’m back where I started with that one. Next, business wise for AJS Machine, is to become better known. I have a unique set up. I design, develop, manufacture and market my own parts. Recently, I have been reaching more people. RPP Hobby and HRP Distributing are now carrying my products. I would like to attend more trade shows and want to find more customers that could use my machine shop service.

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  1. Nice! I could use a couple of these! The escs I’ve been running ARE too big so I have been using zip ties to attach Savage frame braces to the battery mount then mounting esc to that lol!!! As you can imagine it looks horrible! I have always wanted to put everything in a plastic bowl too, but there is just no room for that especially with the Honcho body :/ When I am able, I’ll pay AJS Machine a visit for sure!

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