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STRC Axial Wraith Aluminum Hop-ups Part 3

I’ve been modifying my Axial Wraith over the last few months and STRC has been supplying a large number of the products. The latest change I made was to add STRC’s aluminum shock bodies and shock caps.

The CNC machined aluminum shock bodies are direct replacements for the stock plastic shock bodies and include knurled aluminum collars. They are sold in pairs. STRC also includes a O-ring inside the collar. This is a nice touch and quite frankly how they should be designed as the O-rings keep the collars snug and thus help maintain the correct pro-load and ride height. The shock bodies are anodized and available in: black, green, gun metal and polished silver. The shock bodies are not otherwise coated.

As stated above, STRC includes new aluminum bodies and collars. That means you’ll have to reuse the bottom-loading cartridges, pistons, shafts, bladders and assorted hardware.

The shock caps are sold in a set of four and they are available in the same anodized colors as the shock bodies.

Installing these parts is pretty easy, but be warned that building four shocks correctly will take a decent amount of time when you factor in removing and reinstalling the shocks on the Wraith. If you’re starting with an unassembled kit, using these parts won’t slow you down a bit.

When upgrading an RTR Wraith shocks, you’ll want to pick up some plastic-safe motor spray to thoroughly clean the shocks before rebuilding them. If you don’t have motor spray, ordinary rubbing alcohol will also work well. It is also highly recommended that you pick up new O-rings (part no. AXA1202). The O-rings are sold in a ten pack, and all of the other parts can be used without worry. The O-rings should be lubricated liberally with O-ring lube such as Team Associated’s Green Slime. I used Muchmore Shock Slime. What brand you use doesn’t matter; what matters is that you use a lot of it.

Performance & Final Call
The machining quality of the STRC parts is high quality. If the tolerances were off (and, they weren’t), the end result would most likely be sticky shocks. Once assembled, the shocks felt smooth and didn’t bind or stick at all. All the stock parts that must be reused fit perfectly. It’s also fair to mention that, once assembled, these shocks do not necessarily perform any differently than stock. They’re real benefit is durability. You are simply unlikely to pull a cap off a shock body. So, far the shocks haven’t shown any signs of leaking and the finish is holding up perfectly.


Parts Lists

  • CNC Machined Alum. Shock Caps >> Part no. STA80035GM >> $16.99
  • CNC Machined Shock Bodies & Spring Collars >> STA80036GM >> $19.99






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