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Monster Jam Spider-Man Driver Bari Musawwir Talks RC

To many in RC, Bari Musawwir is a bit of a legend. Not only is Bari the driver of the popular Spider-Man Monster Jam monster truck and the 2011 Monster Jam Rookie of the Year, but he actually got his start in professional full-size monster truck racing when he was discovered competing at an RC event. Even though now he sits in the driver’s seat of a real deal car crusher, Bari is still just as passionate about RC as he was before he got discovered.

Name: Bari Musawwir
Age: 31
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Years as a pro: 1.5
Favorite RC: Modified Tamiya Clod Buster


1. RC Truck Stop
As a professional monster truck driver who got discovered doing RC, you’re living the dream and the envy of many RC truckers. You essentially reverse engineered your way into full-size professional monster truck driving. Do you ever stop and pinch yourself?
Bari Musawwir
That’s a great question. Yes, sometimes it just hits me, like wow, look how far I have come! Sometimes I tell myself I’m actually living out a childhood dream! I am very thankful and grateful to be given the opportunity after all of the hard work and dedication to the RC monster truck and full-size monster truck industries.

2. RC Truck Stop
What do you like best about your job, and what’s the hardest part?
I like traveling around the world, meeting the great fans in each city and country we visit. The hardest part is probably leaving my wife and daughter at home while I’m in different cities each week. You miss things like birthdays and sharing time with your family in general, but that’s the sacrifice that it takes, and I’m fortunate to have a very supportive family! 

3. RC Truck Stop
Back to RC, how long have you been in the hobby and what was your first RC vehicle?
I’ve been into RC for 22 years! My first toy-grade RC car was a Tyco Lamborghini, and my first hobby-grade RC truck was a Tamiya Blackfoot. 

4. RC Truck Stop
Full-size monster trucks are incredibly more sophisticated than most people know. Is there any full-size technology you’d like to make its way down to RC?
I would love to see an RC company step up and make a true replica based RC monster truck, complete with solid front and rear differential housings, pneumatic charged shocks and a full tube chassis and roll cage, scale engine, and transport tires. 

5. RC Truck Stop
You’re the Director of Operations of No Limit R/C. What is the mission of this organization and can you tell us a little about its history?
No Limit R/C’s purpose is to promote fun and competitive RC monster truck racing and pulling events in a wholesome family atmosphere. I wanted to form a platform back in 2007 where guys with RC monster trucks had a place to race their trucks in true monster truck fashion.


If you’re a monster truck fan, you need to know about No Limit R/C. Known best for its annual R/C Monster Truck World Finals, No Limit R/C is a growing race organization that provides a sense of community and unifying rules for competition. In addition to chapters is the U.S., No Limit R/C even has a chapter in the UK.

The No Limit R/C annual R/C Monster Truck World Finals is held at Dennis Anderson’s Digger’s Dungeon in Poplar Beach, NC. The event is extremely popular and features a variety of classes.

No Limit R/C Main Site





Virginia-Shenandoah Valley




United Kingdom




Monster Jam

No Limit R/C


Photos provided by Feld Motor Sports, Bari Musawwir and Bob Perciaccante

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  1. Bari’s clodbusters are simply awesome! He has created his own trucks called the ecd tube chassis that has won many world championships. Keep it Bari!

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