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Axial AX10 Ridgecrest Full Release

The new Axial AX10 Ridgecrest was unveiled a few weeks ago, and now Axial has released a full press release that better outlines the details of this new vehicle. The Ridgecrest is clearly intended for enthusiasts new to RC and/or new to the RC rock crawling segment. It is also intended to be versatile and not just for the rocks. Just as there is always more to a book than its cover, the Ridgecrest was not engineered in the parts-bin. It is more than Wraith axles bolted under a Scorpion.

The Ridgecrest is the latest in the AX10 line which debuted five years ago with the AX10 Scorpion. The Scorpion significantly changed the course of the rock crawling segment and took Axial from an accessory company to the dominate force of an extremely popular segment. Before the AX10, almost all RC crawlers were pieced together. Without the AX10, we wouldn’t have the SCX10 and without the SCX10 we wouldn’t have the multitalented Wraith. The success of the Wraith certainly played a large role in green lighting the EXO which is one of the vehicles that is taking Axial and this hobby in new directions.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the new SUV style body. In addition to the new look, the body features integrated bumper/fender guards that are fashioned out of molded plastic.

The other notable new item is the molded plastic tube chassis. The chassis essentially still uses the popular twin vertical plate (TVP) design, but the aluminum side plates are gone and replaced with the plastic tube side pieces. In addition to a realistic look, the chassis uses inner upper link mounts with three different mounting locations. The chassis is also designed to allow the electronics (waterproof receiver box and speed control) and battery to be placed on the chassis in three different configurations.

The feature that is likely to have the most profound impact on performance is the use of the AR60 OCP-Axles that were introduced on the Wraith. These axles are considerably wider (read: more stable) than the original AX10 axles. They also feature far more optimized steering geometry for better high speed handling. The AR60 axles also happen to be easy to work.

Axial also upgraded the Ridgecrest with a 4-link suspension which works much better than the original 3-link design on the Scorpion.

The tires are also carry overs from the Wraith. The Ridgecrest uses the 2.2 Ripsaw tires that already proven to be versatile, solid performers. The Ripsaws are glued up to Axial’s chrome Raceline Renegade rims.

For electronics, you’ll find a 2.4GHz radio system and a Castle Creations designed brushed speed control hooked up to a simple 20-turn brushed closed endbell motor.

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  1. Very cool rig. I give props to Axial for being new and fresh with different levels of crawlers in the SCX10 lineup. I’m a major fan of other brands, but they are bad for just slapping on a new body and tires and calling it something else. Axial at least sits down at the drawing table and re-thinks about it over from the inside-out.

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